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B2B Full Service Marketing Firm in Milwaukee & Chicago 

Autumn Consuting | b2b marketing Milwaukee | b2b marketing Chicago

Helping your ideas flourish



believers of open-minded, collaborative, and results-driven work


question-askers, careful listeners, and thoughtful talkers


creators of B2B marketing ideas that reach your goals with the resources you have

Whether in Chicago or Milwaukee areas, we are your complementary web marketing experts. You know your business like nobody else and we know how to use strategic web marketing to help it grow. The combination of your industry insights and our trained perspective produces maximum impact and powerful marketing ideas that move your business forward.

We have a methodology that guides our success. This approach keeps us focused on the big picture while never losing site of the details. We strategically line up what we need to do by understanding why you need us to do it.

This proven process has reliably allowed Autumn to help small- to medium-sized B2B businesses grow locally, nationally, and internationally for over 15 years. Our B2B marketing agency has the dedication and expertise to solve the branding, marketing, and business growth questions that are holding you back.

Learn more about our story.

Story of Autumn. These are common questions that I get. These questions and answers might make for good posts to appear on About Us and/blog. You might tag these items Company History.

·Where did the name come from? Julie and I were blessed to plan and build our first house. Our home was located on Autumn Trail in Racine, WI. We had a first dog and two children there. We had a great time as a family. We had looked for a creative way to remember all the good memories associated with our new life there. When it came time to form our business we selected Autumn as the key part of our company name.

·How long have we’ve been in business? We’ve been in business 10 years and have exclusively worked with privately held business owners who seek to grow their companies by increasing qualified prospects or further engage their customers. Autumn Consulting’s sweet spot is to develop and deliver great emarketing campaigns that complement a firm’s sales and marketing efforts.

·How many employees do you have? We are blessed to have four full time staff and three part-time employees. Our staff are hard working, caring people who share the common passion to help our clients and make a difference in the world.

·Why are you based in Illinois? Over four years ago, we decided to move from Racine to Illinois to be closer to our church. Previously, we had commuted every Sunday morning from Racine to Chicago to attend the early service at Harvest Bible Chapel (link on this phrase), led by James MacDonald. We prayed and sought the Lord’s help who sold our home in Racine and found us a new house in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

·Where is Gilberts? Having grown up in Union Grove, WI, I seemed destined to raise my family in another small town in Gilberts, IL. It is located about 20 minutes west of Schaumburg and 30 minutes south of Lake Geneva. Gilberts is near Huntley or Elgin, IL.

·How often are you in Milwaukee? While our company is based in Illinois, most of Autumn Consulting’s clients are headquartered in Wisconsin. As a result, Nathan Misirian and Mark Truesdell are in Wisconsin three to five days a week meeting and working closely with clients. Our key clients appreciate the face to face time we spend to grow and develop their marketing efforts.