Marketing & Sales Collaboration

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Web Marketing that Accelerates your Business

Autumn’s web marketing initiatives provide the tools that help clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas more productively boost their sales. We deliver marketing projects and construct an integrated marketing environment, that give your sales team the resources they need. This is what we mean when we say we are a B2B full service marketing firm: we want to help guide your prospects through every stage of the buying process so that, when they enter sales territory, a lot of the work is already done.

Buying Process: Awareness → Research/Comparison → Purchase → Experience/Loyalty

The most effective web marketing work requires a careful understanding of your end goals and your audience. Each marketing activity – whether it is a website, a trade show magazine ad, or sales collateral – is directed towards a specific market. Autumn ensures it resonates most effectively in order to move them forward in the buying process.

We work closely with sales teams so that the transition from the marketing environment to the sales environment is seamless and familiar to your customer.

Four businesspeople in boardroom talkingB2B Full Service Marketing

• Reduced customer confusion
• Unified brand experience
• Messaging that resonates
• Logical progression from prospect to customer

Marketing & Sales Collaboration

• Generating input from prospects in the field
• Analyzing customer insights
• Writing scripts
• Training
• Qualifying leads/prospects