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A Good B2B Marketing Agency Has a Method that Works.

For clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, our  B2B marketing works because we deliberately ask the questions that drive clarity, performance, and results. Our experience proves that when knowing why something needs to happen, we can efficiently and effectively construct how to make it happen. When we set out to deliver social media marketing solutions, email marketing, or search engine optimization services, we intend to integrate those tasks with your short term goals and your strategic vision – that is why a B2B full service marketing firm is best.

Being a B2B marketing agency is ideal for the Autumn team, because we enjoy being lifelong learners. Our B2B clients are often specialists in manufacturing, construction, and agriculture and we need to leverage their expertise as best as possible to make sure their marketing plan works for them. 

What are some of the questions we use to learn our clients?

  • Why: What should marketing accomplish for your company?
  • Who: What do we know or need to know about you and your audience?
  • What: Which marketing activities will best help you reach your goals?
  • When: What external variables might dictate the best timing of your marketing activities?
  • Where: Of your marketing activities, which ones will best enable the next? 
  • How: How effectively and efficiently can we implement these marketing activities? 


The why is what marketing success looks like to you. We need to understand the goals that are driving you and what you need to accomplish.

sales and business growth • acquiring market leadership • building a comprehensive brand image • penetrating new markets • powerfully telling your brand story and expressing your advantages

Every business is on a journey – whether it’s a start-up, a 4th generation business, or a national company. Each one of our B2B clients has its own unique challenges, needs, and ambitions. We want to work with our Chicago clients to deliver customized  B2B marketing solutions that speak to those characteristics.

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The who is you and your audience. When constructing a B2B marketing plan for our Chicago clients, characteristics of your audience (e.g. needs, challenges, and buying behavior) are not always clear. We research your audience and industry to gain a fuller perspective on your market landscape. By answering the who we learn the right language and tone to relate to your audience, which we use to communicate your value, advantages, and message in a way that they will respond to.

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Although we typical work with clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, we prepare B2B marketing activities that have national and international impact. Using what we know about your business and your audience, we selectively match the activities that will help you meet your goals. With a wide variety of clients, we have the experience to know what activities will bring you the most impact for your budget and timeframe.

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The when is your timing. Many factors need to be considered, but, at the top of the list are the resources available. We specialize as a B2B marketing agency, and we consider your budget and priorities and then apply them to an appropriate and effective timeline. Our action plan always includes a vision for both the immediate and long term growth of your business.

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The where is the sequence of events – the lining up of your whats in order to present the right information at the right time. For a sustainable strategy, one marketing activity must enable the next. If you begin tackling a website, a Facebook page, a customer appreciation event, and develop sales materials without considering how they might benefit or impact the rest, it could potentially be a waste of money and effort.

For our clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, a more integrated B2B marketing approach allows all activities to seamlessly build upon the other, making every aspect more effective. 

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The how is the actual implementation of the marketing tools and tactics that move your company forward in accomplishing its goals. With a B2B full service marketing firm like Autumn, we can help sort out the micro details and define a technique to best execute each individual activity, then customize it to your company’s unique needs.

Within each initiative – a website, an eNewsletter, a logo, sales materials, a corporate message – many elements need to be considered to ensure it achieves maximum results. By implementing the how correctly, we are able to finish one project with the intended results and be completely prepared for what’s ahead.

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