Clarifying Messages

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Time and time again, Autumn Consulting is asked to help companies reposition their websites from company-focused to prospect-customer-focused websites.

We’re passionate about the effective methods we use to help our clients reposition their marketing message. Our process includes structuring graphics and refining search engine marketing to reflect how customers and prospects search for needs, then matching it with our clients’ procedure or service offerings.

Sound complex? Our process is actually pretty simple. It starts with us being really good at listening to you when you tell us your needs. We listen for:
1) Why you’re different.
2) Why you’re better.
3) Why customers should choose you to solve their problems or meet their needs.

Autumn Consulting has lots of experience in positioning content effectively for web marketing. Many companies in our Milwaukee area leverage our search engine marketing and web marketing work to make sure their message is consistently used in their sales and in other e-marketing tactics.

Clarifying messages via websites, emails, search marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook.

Many times Autumn Consulting is asked to evaluate existing websites and social media sites. Most often, companies are missing out on good customers or prospect opportunities because they have written content from a company point of view. But think about it. Nobody likes a friend who only talks about themselves, right?

That’s why Autumn’s process is a lot like making friends effectively, except in a digital world.

A good or trustworthy friend listens, understands, and cares enough to give you honest, thoughtful answers and personalized solutions. We’ll be that friend, helping you build lasting relationships with your customers and prospects. Call us up and see for yourself.