Engaging Customers

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There’s a truism in business that says it’s always easier selling to a current customer, than to a new customer.

The problem is that many companies don’t know how to effectively use web marketing to further engage their customers in the sales process.

Though they try, many companies miss the mark when
attempting to engage customers. Here’s what they’ll do:

1) Go to trade shows
2) Have a website
3) Try email marketing
4) Have a sales rep team

While these practices are good, without a grounded web marketing plan in place, these efforts will not take-off.

How is Autumn Consulting different?

We help companies effectively use web marketing strategies to engage customers in the following ways:

1) We write clarifying marketing messages that are designed to meet customer needs, not simply market company products or services.

2) We actually listen to company sales reps to learn how they’re engaging with customers face-to-face. Through this process, we create content that mimics a real life sales process or workflow.

3) We help companies write case studies that focus on solving current customer problems effectively through the company’s products and services.

Customers shop your website in order to solve problems.

What further engages a customer is that you have a way to help them solve their problems. They’re coming to you because they want to do something more efficiently or effectively.

Milwauke web marketingAutumn serves as an independent set of eyes that helps our clients see their customers’ problems clearly. Our clients are then equipped to organize their web strategies to help them engage their customers more effectively.

The difference is in the listening.

Through engaging customers, Autumn can offer more specific and valuable web services like customer extranet, private web services, and personalized email marketing to go deeper with a customer.  Increased loyalty and synergy with the sales force is another direct result of working with Autumn. In return, you integrate the web with your sales process and customer engagement process.