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5 Ways to Excel at Public Speaking

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5 Ways to Excel at Public Speaking
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It inevitably happens to everyone, even to web marketers accustomed to working solely with their computer. Whether it’s with a small group of colleagues or a large crowd, sharing your ideas through public speaking is most likely going to be a part of your life. This task intimidates the majority of people. We’ve all heard the classic strategies to overcome this fear, such as “imagine the audience in their underwear.” But what are some stronger tactics (and potentially less horrifying)? Here are five ways to manage those public speech nerves: 

  1. Get Excited. A monotonous, stale speech will not only put your audience to sleep, it will fail to show them that you care about your presentation topic. Think about the best speech you’ve ever heard – it leaves you inspired and with a desire to jump into action. Show your passion about whatever topic you’re speaking on and engage your audience.public-speaking-course-jamaica-montego-bay
  2. Don’t Rely on a Crutch. People don’t go to talks in order to read slides. Your audience came to hear you speak. Various tools are fine to use as an enhancement to your speech, but when they become a bigger part of your presentation than you, it’s a problem.
  3. Accept the Nerves. Being nervous before presenting in front of people signifies that you have a vested interest in the topic. Use the adrenaline to get excited, instead of fighting it.
  4. Story Time. An easy way to get into a speech and immediately engage your audience is by starting off with a story. Not suggesting that you tell the in-depth story of your company in minute detail, rather use a simple anecdote that grabs the attention of and relates to your respective audience.
  5. Have Strong Takeaways. Give your audience concrete examples – something they can take straight back and apply to their business.

Public speaking can be a daunting task for anyone. Learning which techniques help you specifically succeed in conveying your message is something that will take a few tries. Don’t be afraid to break the “rules” created by other people and discover how you best work! We believe in you.


About the Author:

Nathan Misirian is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, business owner and teacher. His passion is sales and marketing. His method is education. For over a decade, Nathan has served as President and founder of Autumn Consulting, an integrated, web marketing company. By leveraging effective sales and marketing strategies, Autumn Consulting continues to thrive as a Milwaukee, eMarketing agency and solutions-provider for mid-market businesses and organizations.

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