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Carve a Unique Niche for Your Products

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Carve a Unique Niche for Your Products
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When positioning a brand, or even repositioning one, it is always important to consider where a products stands in relation to its competition. Many brand strategy models specify criteria to make that determination. A simple one that allows you to make progress with qualifying prospects, engaging customers, and clarifying messages involves answering the following questions:

  • does your product cater to a need or to a lifestyle?
  • is the purchase of your product emotional or rational?
  • Where does your competition fall on these two scales and is there room for you to carve a unique niche?

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency that can help you position your brand strategically and leverage digital resources to reach prospects.


About the Author:

Nathan Misirian is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, business owner and teacher. His passion is sales and marketing. His method is education. For over a decade, Nathan has served as President and founder of Autumn Consulting, an integrated, web marketing company. By leveraging effective sales and marketing strategies, Autumn Consulting continues to thrive as a Milwaukee, eMarketing agency and solutions-provider for mid-market businesses and organizations.

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