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Client Success: DUECO’s Time-Saving, Web Portal

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Client Success: DUECO’s Time-Saving, Web Portal
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We recently wrapped up a new cloud-based portal with our client DUECO, Inc.  The result is a tech-savvy, user-friendly web portal that’s helping the company save time, money and creative energy.

DUECO web marketingDUECO, a final-stage manufacturer that sells and services utility equipment like bucket trucks, has a regional sales team that could not easily access key company files.  So, the staff would have to call individually to get copies of key documents to support their work in the field.  Calling, waiting and sending files through email was time consuming and clogged up the system.

To find a better solution, DUECO partnered with Autumn Consulting to build a new, cloud-based company portal.  This web-based tool allows each sales person to log in, search or browse for the key company or sales file.  Each salesperson even has their own “secure” folder where staff can share and communicate private documents for “their eyes only.”  The new system is saving so much time and effort that the Human Resources department is moving key procedures, documentation and materials available for staff, managers and executives, each with their own level of security.

Louise Hermsen, Marketing Manager for DUECO, shared, “For the first time, the sales team is able to conveniently access all the tools we have created.  The system is very user-friendly and easy on the eyes.  As we expand the materials on the portal, the entire organization will tap into it as a key resource.  Autumn Consulting turned this project around for us in 45 days so we could launch it in concurrence with a sales meeting.  We appreciate that level of support.”

Autumn Consulting, a Milwaukee marketing agency, loves helping clients leverage web technology to not only improve their marketing, but also make their company more efficient.  Whether you’re in Chicago, Milwaukee or around the country, we can help your company grow with cloud-based solutions, and:

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Nathan Misirian is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, business owner and teacher. His passion is sales and marketing. His method is education. For over a decade, Nathan has served as President and founder of Autumn Consulting, an integrated, web marketing company. By leveraging effective sales and marketing strategies, Autumn Consulting continues to thrive as a Milwaukee, eMarketing agency and solutions-provider for mid-market businesses and organizations.

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