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Engaging Customers at JC Penney’s: Part 2

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Engaging Customers at JC Penney’s: Part 2
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When brands make big changes, it is important to pick strategic messages to communicate them.

In January, J.C. Penney’s CEO Ron Johnson announced that the retailer would withdraw from non-stop low price promotions and instead switch to a “Fair and Square” everyday pricing strategy. Products will now only have one price-tag, prices will end in 0 instead of 99, and price categories will be separated into three standards: every day, monthly value (e.g. back to school sales), and clearance.

The new Ellen DeGeneres ads in support of the new JC Penney’s pricing strategy are engaging customers on several levels:

  • The ads around the new price system are fun and show a degree of playfulness that will engage viewers
  • The ads qualify prospects who are tired of feeling ripped off by constant promotions and deceptive numbers
  • The ads clarify messages around the new prices and make viewers aware of their rationale

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