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Good Grief! Goodwill Customer Buys $3 Painting, Sells for $190K

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Good Grief! Goodwill Customer Buys $3 Painting, Sells for $190K
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Meet Leroy. He’s an 81-year-old former antique dealer from South Carolina. He’s also a proud and avid Goodwill shopper. But Leroy, who requests to only be identified by his middle name, recently became an overnight headline-maker because of one of his unique Goodwill finds.

According to The Huffington Post, after purchasing a $3 painting from a Goodwill store a year and a half ago, Leroy suspected he might get a good deal for the frame. But last month he discovered that the painting, which is actually a rare 1650 Flemish piece, vended much higher than even the Antiques Roadshow had suggested ($20,000-$30,000).

To be exact, Leroy sold the painting last month for $190,000.

Think you need to shop at Sotheby’s Auction House to score a rare treasure? Think again! Leroy’s story reveals that anyone can find more than just a good deal at their local Goodwill.

The new and gently used products that you’ll find at Goodwill retail stores all across North Central Wisconsin are adaptable for everyday use or special occasions. There are also various drop off locations where you can donate items.

And you can feel great about shopping at Goodwill because as a not-for-profit organization, every dollar you spend goes back into funding local community programs that help people in need.

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