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Let’s Get Visual: How to Up Customer Engagement through Video Marketing (Part 2)

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Let’s Get Visual: How to Up Customer Engagement through Video Marketing (Part 2)
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In Part 1 of this Video Marketing series, we looked at three ways to create a sharp video marketing strategy.  In this post, we’re zeroing in on how to create effective marketing videos to promote your company to qualified prospects and interested applicants.

Although the unemployment rate continues to climb, the ability to win the best applicant over your competitor can come down to how well you understand prospects’ needs and communicate this effectively.  Given two minutes of video time, can you capture the mission of your company?  Your vision for their participation in the business?  The success you’ll both experience by working together?

Here are two powerful marketing videos from Starbucks and TOMS Shoes that shows their expertise in engaging viewers and painting a clear picture for why new hires should seriously consider picking up an application.  Take a look:  

Let’s look at the two powerful takeaways that your business can integrate into your next video for engaging customers through marketing:


It’s the oldest form of communication and still the most effective.  Storytelling helps viewers see the big picture behind a company and brand.  It helps put them in the story and reveals interesting facts, insider knowledge and beneficial tips for success.  Each video tells a separate story, but the impact is still powerful and unique for viewers.


These companies are made up of unique and creative individuals.  Each video features footage from the life of different employees serving within their varied positions.  These dynamic glimpses into the everyday life of an employee shows a prospect where they could also fit in.  The key is showcasing authentic relationships and shared passion.

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