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Pepsi Co. Returns To Its Marketing Core

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Pepsi Co. Returns To Its Marketing Core
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“Summer Time Is Pepsi Time” claims PepsiCo’s new tag line in an effort to go strong against main competitor Coca Cola.  In two TV commercials, the soft drink giant shows the same Santa Claus and polar bears from last winter’s Coca Cola commercials giving up their loyalty to Coke and enjoying vacation time with Pepsi.

This new push for soft drinks is a result of PepsiCo’s failed efforts to market healthy products around the globe.  Pilot programs in India showed that consumers have more interest in the taste of supposedly healthy products like juices and snack puffs than in their heavily marketed health messages.

This highlights how difficult it is to market products that divert from a company’s core product line and marketing message.  PepsiCo’s customers have decided that the “fun for you” product line trumps the “good for you” series by far, and the company is reacting.  After sales were down compared to competitor Coca Cola, PepsiCo hopes to catch up with a much stronger focus on marketing its traditional soft drink.

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