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Qualifying Prospects with Google AdWords

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Qualifying Prospects with Google AdWords
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In the age of internet marketing, many companies are wondering how to best reallocate their dollars in order to achieve more effective and measurable marketing results.

Autumn Consulting has helped many clients do just that: quit ineffective newspaper or radio ads cold-Turkey and get on board with targeted Google Ads. The biggest competitive advantage of Google Ads is that people who see your ads are already searching around a problem or need you could help them solve. This means your ad is not an unwelcome interruption of their news consumption or television entertainment; instead, it is a desired link to information about products or services they need.

Another important competitive advantage of Google Ads is that it allows you to set a budget. You do not have to worry that a campaign will lead to skyrocketing expenses because you can simply set a limit to how much you want to spend on a monthly basis and generate leads without worry.

The third competitive advantage is that Google Ads is entirely measurable. Autumn Consulting provides its clients with a comprehensive ad report on a monthly basis. This report shows which ads generated the most clicks and which keywords performed the best. We then take the ads to the next level by tweaking them around these results.

Finally, Google Ads allows you to target very specific geographic locations. One of Autumn Consulting’s clients offers odor remediation services in and around Milwaukee. Their ads have been targeted to only show in searches in or around Milwaukee, which ensures that the ads generate qualified leads only.

Here are some tips on how to best use Google AdWords for qualifying prospects, clarifying messages, and engaging customers.

  1. Define your unique message.  Spend some time on developing the key message since it will be the driving force behind your ads.
  2. Make each message 10-15 words long.  Effective Google Ads only have 10-15 words, so you can prepare by creating very specific marketing messages.
  3. Weave 1-2 search engine optimized words into your text.  Autumn can help you determine which words are being successfully searched by your prospects and which you should ditch.
  4. Define your area.  Google AdWords lets you select your geographic territory from as broad as the entire US down to a city block. Define what your target visibility should be.

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web agency with a proven track record of helping clients increase revenue through Google advertising.


About the Author:

Nathan Misirian is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, business owner and teacher. His passion is sales and marketing. His method is education. For over a decade, Nathan has served as President and founder of Autumn Consulting, an integrated, web marketing company. By leveraging effective sales and marketing strategies, Autumn Consulting continues to thrive as a Milwaukee, eMarketing agency and solutions-provider for mid-market businesses and organizations.

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