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Nathan Misirian

President & Chief Idea Officer
(262) 323-1776
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Nathan Misirian is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, business owner and teacher. His passion is sales and marketing. His method is education.

For over a decade, Nathan has served as President and founder of Autumn Consulting, an integrated, web marketing company.

By leveraging effective sales and marketing strategies, Autumn Consulting continues to thrive as a Milwaukee eMarketing agency and solutions-provider for mid-market businesses and organizations.  As a web marketing professional, Nathan provides a balance of essential web marketing strategies through a practical, results-driven process, which includes:

•    listening for the client’s sales/marketing perspective
•    uncovering each client’s unique value proposition
•    understanding the buying behavior of prospects and customers
•    designing and implementing a personalized and practical marketing plan

Business leaders who work with Nathan agree that his educational style of communication is relaxed and easy to understand. Working as a close partner with his clients, Nathan seeks to clearly understand the business goals and objectives for their websites and creatively designs a solution to meet those needs. Staying current with new technologies, concepts, and tactics help Nathan increase qualified prospects, deepen customer relationships and clarify unique product and service messages for his clients and their businesses.

When he’s not meeting face-to-face with clients to discuss web marketing goals and solutions, you can find Nathan packing up the family truck for camping trips with his wife, two daughters and their Yorkie pup named Toby.

I’m currently viewing: The Washington Post and Chicago Jazz Ensemble

There are great feature articles in The Washington Post. I like that the trending topics are easy to find because the design is not too cluttered and there’s a consistent layout. It’s great for helping me keep track of key news items and keeping up with business features that interest me.

I’m also enjoying Chicago Jazz Ensemble. This site showcases local jazz artists, upcoming concert dates and provides ticket information. I enjoy taking my family out to see these shows, which makes this site a trusted resource.

Chelsey BergChelsey Berg
Marketing Communication Specialist

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Chelsey has built her experience around helping small and medium size businesses grow. Her passion lies in assisting companies to understand not only their own needs, problems, and desires, but also those of their consumers. She thrives on identifying how to bridge those markets through effective communication, solid relationships, and relatable creative.

Chelsey has guided companies through re-branding processes and new product/service launches, implemented campaigns across multiple channels, and organized a wide variety of events.

When she’s not working, Chelsey enjoys listening to live music, taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors, and checking out local restaurants, cafes, and farmer’s markets.

I’m currently viewing: and

I frequently check out articles on They’re always practical, applicable, and written in user-friendly language, perfect for a quick read and good perspective on something I can apply immediately. is another “favorite” in my browser. I prefer to patronize brands that are staying ahead of the curve while keeping a social and environmental focus. It’s exciting to see innovative ideas that simultaneously make businesses and our world stronger, better places.





Sara Bowyer
Marketing Manager

Performing as Assistant Account Manager and Project Coordinator for Autumn Consulting, Sara can ensure that Autumn is capturing the voice of our clients most effectively. An expert on communication and in developing processes that work, she can deliver the reality of a cohesive marketing message and experience for Autumn and its’ clients.

Prior to joining Autumn Consulting, Sara developed varied experience in the fields of education, communications, and marketing. Having worked as a language arts teacher in Kansas, then later as a consumer experience specialist and trainer for Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Sara has developed skills that benefit our clients in a variety of ways. She has an eye for clear messages and editing details, which can be used to enhance a message with purpose. Having sharpened her observational skills as a teacher and trainer, she can more clearly understand and assume the voice of our clients, which extends to her ability to provide in-depth and strategic insight in the client work.

Outside of Autumn, Sara indulges in both her love of nature and of literature. She loves cycling and camping – and is always looking for a new place to explore. Currently planning a year-long RV trip across America, she anticipates it will broaden her horizons even more.

I’m currently viewing: Brain Pickings and Co.Create

Co.Create offers the latest updates in the marketing world, with a little touch of current events. Brain Pickings is my weekly taste of the literary. Both are blogs that allow me to reflect on current cultural influences and it strengthens my creative influence while on the job.







Autumn Consulting has developed some wonderful part-time staff who are a part of our extended team and who share our values and hard-work ethic. They are highly personal, want to do what’s best for our clients, deliver on time and are passionate about wanting to meet client needs.

These extended team members include a set of regular programmers and graphic designers. Autumn’s expert eMarketing strategies are not just utilized by CEOS of companies, but we also partner with other marketing and advertising agencies who tap Autumn’s expertise in marketing and who support our clients and projects.