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Our clients have one thing in common: they want to grow.

Autumn’s niche is with privately held, B2B marketing businesses in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. We’ve worked in many industries including manufacturing, engineering, professional services, and industrial. We have supported companies whose customer network reaches nationally and internationally, but we have experience with more local, hometown markets, too.

We are an open-minded and approachable B2B full service marketing firm that values your opinion and is looking to learn about your business and industry, hear your opinions, brainstorm ideas, and make work happen. 

Great marketing happens when we and our clients share learning, ideas and strategies together.  We listen and learn about our clients’ unique business challenges and market conditions.  If a client isn’t sure about which marketing activity would bring the most for their business, we define customize marketing strategies that fit “just right” for their audience.  Our Milwaukee and Chicago clients can confirm that – through teamwork, trust and collaboration – our B2B marketing delivers.

How would you describe your marketing experience?

Tried and true, but nothing new
Innovative, but with sporadic effort and results
Entrepreneurial and risk-taking, but lacking strategy

Typical Marketing Scenario: Tried and true, but nothing new

Business size: 50-150 employees, $10-$100M in annual revenue

Point of contact: Business owner and marketing staff

These clients have solid, strong businesses but aren’t growing as fast as they want to. They’re doing well and doing what they’ve always done. But, “what’s always been done” doesn’t exactly help them get to that next level. We help them get off that plateau by challenging the status quo, defining their unique selling proposition, and setting practical, sound action steps.

Common challenges:

• Aspire to penetrate new markets
• Desire to grow sustainably, into other regions or nationally
• Disconnected marketing efforts
• Lack outside marketing experience to elevate their strategy

Common goals:

• Increase sales revenue and profitability
• Set clear and integrated marketing messages
• Diversify and grow customer base
• Increase customer loyalty
• Engage clients and prospects
• Strengthen brand image

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Typical Marketing Scenario: Innovative, but with sporadic effort and results

Business size: 50-300 employees, $5-$300M revenue,
Point of contact: Business Owner/President and VP Marketing

These clients have grown significantly, often nationally, over a long history but their marketing hasn’t grown with them. The marketing techniques they’ve always been using are not as effective with their current markets and don’t reflect the larger, more sophisticated business they are now.

Common Challenges:

• Identifying a strategy to maximize internal marketing team
• Substantial, sustainable growth
• Fresh ideas for sales and marketing efforts
• Competing with national competitors
• No consistent brand image

Common Goals:

• Speaking in customers’ language
• Setting a step by step plan to help them grow
• Achieving strategic, unified marketing
• Penetrating new markets
• Generating qualified leads
• Sales message that speaks nationally, not locally

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Typical Marketing Scenario: Entrepreneurial and risk-taking, but lacking strategy

Business size: 2-50 employees
Point of contact: Business owner

These clients have tried random marketing tactics here and there but never had a systematic way to deliver marketing. They have owners that are very involved in all business decisions, often occupied with the day to day running of their business, and need a trusted marketing partner that doesn’t need to be overly managed.

Common Challenges:

• Identifying a unique way to define and differentiate their business
• Need processes and procedures for practical strategy
• An affordable, but consistent, marketing plan
• Shift marketing from reactive to proactive and planned

Common Goals:

• Consistent growth
• Increase customer loyalty and retention
• Build brand image
• Engage and connect with customers

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