Qualifying Prospects

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Marketing. It’s all around us. But what really matters is knowing the common needs that prospects have in your marketplace, whether that’s Milwaukee, Menasha or someplace else.

Autumn’s results-driven, emarketing process is to help our clients organize and understand prospect needs. We then leverage what a salesperson might do face-to-face in qualifying a prospect and use this information on an actual website. Here’s a helping of what we typically ask clients:

  • What does your service/product look like to an outsider?
  • What are the right questions to ask?
  • What are the misconceptions to correct or clarify?
  • What are the application examples you are best suited to solve?
The goal of this process is to draw the prospect in so they'll call, email or want to learn more.

Autumn Consulting helps qualify prospects through personalized email marketing, revealing exactly which people are clicking on specific types of content within an email.

Localized paid search marketing (PPC), effective organic search marketing, and a customized website to match the work flow or thought process of the prospect (prospect-centered website marketing) are services Autumn offers.

We find that our clients see an increase in qualified leads that come through web marketing when following this process of simplifying or shortening the sales cycle.  Questions? Click here to learn about our Milwaukee area web marketing agency and how we help increase qualified prospects.