How We Do It

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Reliable B2B Marketing in Milwaukee and Chicago

We have been in the business a long time throughout the Milwaukee and Chicago area. We know how important it is to ensure quality work and consistent communication throughout a project. This ensures that all video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and other B2B marketing initiatives help your company consistently meet its strategic goals.


Autumn Consulting Clarifiying MessagesClarity reveals all the information we need to create a full service marketing solution that is tailored to your company’s goals, priorities, and business environment.

• Face-to-face meetings, usually monthly
• Collaborative brainstorm sessions amongst our internal team
• Valuable alignment of our ideas with your business vision

You have the unique insight into your company and the industry knowledge to put it into the right context. As a B2B marketing agency, we have a fresh perspective that looks at your business from different angles, allowing us to showcase your business in a new light.

When we meet, our dialogue more clearly shapes the project’s next steps. Our objective is always to ask the right questions and bring out the specific information we need to create effective marketing. From the first discussion on, you can count on our interactions being productive and valuable.

When we refer to clarity, we are talking about discovering the answers to the who, what, and why.


Autumn Consulting Engaging Customers Performance is the dynamic process of turning our ideas into real life marketing tools and outcomes. However, it doesn’t happen at the snap of a finger. For successful B2B marketing in Milwaukee and Chicago areas, there is research, brainstorm sessions, and various internal rounds of drafts, feedback, and edits. Thinking creatively, we look at our work from multiple points of view, always making sure its finished product will complete the objectives we – both of our teams, collectively – set out to achieve.

Plan → Write/Design → Revise → Deliver

Our team is well-rounded and comprised of skills that any B2B marketing agency or in-house department would have: design, copywriting, strategy, SEO for business, social media – you name it. This balance allows us to walk the line between logic and creativity in order to deliver you work that both captures attention and serves your purpose.

When we refer to performance, we are talking about discovering the answers to the when, where, and how.


Autumn Consulting | Accelerate your Business PlanWe aren’t preoccupied with marketing that just looks pretty. We are committed to delivering practical B2B marketing solutions that deliver qualified prospects to your sales team. We stay grounded on your business’ goals – your why – so that we can deliver the right solutions for maximum impact and sustainable growth.

We are in this for the long haul – not just the project. That means that we consistently measure our results on an ongoing basis. We analyze completed projects, making tweaks and perfecting as needed, as well as conduct quarterly business reviews to enhance and refine our focus based upon current conditions of your business.

Our initiatives:

• Identify and qualify leads
• Actively engage prospects and customers through quality interaction
• Deliver regular, targeted, and fresh content
• Speak in your customers’ language with a unified and clear message