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Autumn Consulting is more than simply a marketing agency. We are your trusted guide, a helping hand, the place you turn for sound, marketing advice. In addition to providing solutions, our team listens to your unique company needs, helping your business flourish in the areas of qualifying the right prospects, engaging your customers and clarifying your marketing messages. We take an educational approach that’s tailored to help you, your company and your teach reach full business potential through robust, eMarketing strategies. Here is a list of the diverse services we offer our clients:

Qualifying Prospects

As a business owner, you can’t afford to waste time or money. At Autumn Consulting, we understand. As our client, you get a one-on-one, focused process to identify and connect with the best prospects for your business. Autumn Consulting works closely with your Sales Department to: understand the key differentiators of your product or services, identify the buying decisions and misunderstandings about your business and to understand the “traditional” sales process. Using our marketing and web marketing approach, Autumn Consulting will develop a complementary process to expand and increase qualified prospects who are “just right” for your business.

Engaging Customers

Understanding and meeting customer needs is more complex than the final product. Do your customers know everything you can do for them? Are your clients educated about industry trends important to their businesses? Do your clients think of you as a commodity or a trusted resource? Engaging customers is a way Autumn will help you build tighter customer relationships through fresh, on-topic web content, social media updates and email marketing campaigns.

Clarifying Messages

To succeed, you need a clear marketing message specifically targeted for your audience. Many times, our clients tell us that Autumn Consulting is a “fresh set of eyes” to see our clients’ strengths and weaknesses clearly. Autumn Consulting acts as your sounding board and guide to ensure your emarketing stays on-message, every time. All clarity—no fluff.

Virtual Marketing Director/Team

Our clients, who focus on growth and sales, do not always have time to implement their marketing ideas and plans. Autumn Consulting provides a virtual marketing director and team to mid-market companies. By assigning key team members, our clients have access to our entire team’s resources on a regular basis. We deliver great ideas, build strong relationships and implement great marketing efforts for our clients without the cost of a dedicated employee or the big ticket costs of an Advertising Agency.

Emarketing and Web Marketing

At Autumn Consulting we don’t just help you pick the right tools to engage customers and gain more qualified prospects, we also educate and empower you on how to use these tools. Keep in mind that our web marketing approach is about developing qualified prospects and engaging customers; in other words, we only develop marketing strategies that are appropriate for your target audience. This said, you can count on us for “just the right” marketing strategies and support that directly interact with your Sales and Marketing efforts.

Web Marketing Agency Milwaukee

While our company is based in Illinois, most of Autumn Consulting’s clients are headquartered in Wisconsin. As a result, your Autumn Consulting team is available with hands-on and face-to-face support for your business. We work with business owners and senior leaders to ensure the business strategy is well connected to the marketing strategy and tactics. Our key clients appreciate the face-to-face time we spend together, growing and developing their marketing efforts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the key to helping you stay top-of-mind with customers and prospects. Our personalized email marketing program is uniquely designed to reveal exactly what your customers and prospects are reading. Imagine the insights that your sales team can have when they know by name what piece of content their prospect is reading. No more cold-calling or sending mass newsletters via “regular eblasts.” Welcome to the world of personalized, qualified marketing through Autumn’s proprietary email marketing tool – Insights. As a bonus, we’ll help you build a content library to use with other sales and marketing activities, helping qualified prospects find you through increased traffic to your site.

Search Engine Marketing

Autumn provides a variety of paths that all lead to the same great outcome, bringing the right new prospects to your site! Here’s what we can do for you:

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

Tune your site to help people who fit your strategic goals find you before they find your competitors. Autumn provides a comprehensive and measurable strategy to have qualified prospects find your web site while they’re searching and researching online. Autumn Consulting’s research has found that 50% of all buying decisions take place after performing a Google search. Whether you’re selling direct to businesses or consumers, Autumn Consulting effectively markets your product or services through search engine marketing.

Organic Search Marketing

Seventy-five percent of web searchers rely on “natural” or “organic” search results when clicking on a link. Organic Search Marketing is essential to display and reveal your business’ position in a crowded field of web sites and pages. Autumn Consulting helps companies identify “the right” keywords that actual users are searching online, implementing a strategy to associate your web site with these “vital keywords.” Organic Search Marketing includes both initial research and monthly marketing to ensure your company has the best search ranking results for your prospects.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC/Google Adwords)

Sometimes, business owners can’t wait for their business web site to appear on page 1 of Google. As a result, Autumn Consulting develops and manages Google AdWord marketing programs on behalf of businesses. Autumn leverages the marketing insights from prospect-selling and tailors online ads that appeal to your qualified prospects. Through monthly bidding and keyword tweaking, Autumn Consulting drives qualified prospect traffic to your web site and reveals the keywords and marketing messages that prospects are responding to. Bonus: Imagine real-time market testing without the costly research; that’s PPC in a nutshell.