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Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the AUFFICE is to provide a modern and professional workspace for entrepreneurs and small business owners without the hassle and distractions of working at a coffee shop or a home office.

Why Coworking?:

A new office space provides many benefits, but what can a professional coworking space do for you? It encourages collaboration between those working in the area, along with a sense of relaxation because you’re not limited to one designated work area. Moving around and adjusting yourself physically in your environment can actually help shift you mentally. Ideas, and creativity are sparked and the work continues to grow alongside it; new and fresh.

It WORKS and so Will YOU:

Research has been conducted proving that 74% of those who switched to a coworking space saw a measurable increase in their productivity. If you don’t think a coworking space is right for you, check out our private offices!

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