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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the AUFFICE is to provide a modern and professional workspace for entrepreneurs and small business owners without the hassle and distractions of working at a coffee shop or a home office.

Why Choose the AUFFICE?

It’s hard to ignore the benefits that a new office space can offer. The AUFFICE provides an easily accessible location, as well as plenty of parking when you arrive. Once you enter, you’re greeted with a fresh, professional work environment. Every time a visitor walks through our door they are astonished by the design and layout of our space, even our local Fire Marshall! The AUFFICE is spacious, members can stretch their legs, as well as, meet with important clients in our conference room. And to top it all off, all of our spaces are fitted with the latest technology to ensure business can be conducted effectively and efficiently.

Our Amenities

We currently have two private offices available. Both include privacy doors, locking storage spaces, desk space, comfy office chairs, and relaxing loungers for serious breaks. One of our office spaces is equipped individually, meaning it works best for one person using it at a time. Our other office space is perfect for teams working simultaneously. It is equipped with two desk spaces, and office chairs for those who work great together. If collaboration works best for you, check out our coworking space!

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