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Autumn’s mission is to create WOW moments - for team members and clients

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Our Mission

A shared purpose

Autumn’s goal is to create WOW moments.  It matters that we make an impression whether we pass you in the hallway, experience a Zoom call, work for or with Autumn, each person should walk away saying - that was a great experience.  We call it a WOW moment.

A Message From Our Founder

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Our Values

A framework for decisions

We are guided by five values that draw us together and unify us in working together.

Each person genuinely experiences these values in both how we think and act in our work.  Of course, we are not perfect but on the whole, we are drawn together and make decisions based on these values.


Going the

extra mile





Giving back to

the community 





Caring about


Insights From Our Team

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Our People

A Place to Grow and Learn

Autumn is built to find, hire and retain the best people no matter where they’re based.  That’s right, way before anyone heard of COVID-19, Nathan Misirian designed Autumn more than 20 years ago to be a virtual agency that brings the best people together to help clients.  A significant portion of building and growing our team is based in peer and mentor-based learning.  Every team member shares a desire to grow and learn.  Autumn creates a safe and trusted space for people to grow and in turn add even more value to our clients and their professional career.

Our Care

A local impact, nationwide

While Autumn designs and implements amazing marketing strategies for companies built around our core Google Marketing practice, the “Why” of our work is what draws us together.

We live out our values through the Autumn Cares program.  More than words, Autumn donates thousands of dollars each year to invest in caring for people and pets around the places we live and work. Autumn has a care team, led by the staff that solicits ideas and chooses where to invest money and time to make a difference.  This program includes paid, on-the-job-time to volunteer monthly at local organizations.

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Your Next Step - Share why you’d like to join the Autumn team

For more than 20 years, Autumn has led by its mission and values and is growing because of its people.  If you are intrigued by what Autumn believes and does, we’d love to hear from you.


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