Nathan Misirian

Meet Nathan Misirian, a dynamic keynote speaker, a master of Google marketing strategies, and an accomplished digital marketing executive. His expertise has proven success in aiding businesses to thrive through effective digital marketing strategies.

Nathan's deep knowledge, coupled with his approachable demeanor, carries an intriguing persona that resonates with audiences on a more personal level making him a highly sought-after speaker. His tailored speaking style ensures that every interaction feels personal, insightful, and, most importantly, actionable.

Nathan is more than a speaker; he is a mentor, truly invested in the success of others. With Nathan Misirian, you don’t just get a speaker; you get a game-changer.

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Nathan’s collaborative and innovative style makes him the go-to expert. He drives more business to your website while at the same time takes your marketing efforts to new heights.

Jack Belford

Nathan is knowledgeable beyond anyone, or any firm I know in the industry. His approach is very personable and professional. He is top line in my budget for marketing in 2021.

Jeff Bodeau

As a high school team, we had no idea how to market our business, and they really coached us on how to make our website appear higher with the SEO.

Riyana Soni

Nathan is great! He taught an awesome class about web design for Google. He clearly explained key strategies in a way that made sense to me (someone who has very little web design experience). I look forward to working with Nathan and Autumn Consulting in the future!

Emma Swanson

Nathan was great. He came to help give us some marketing consulting advice. It was so nice of him to give back to the community.


Just attended a great (free!) session on Google SEO Optimization in Geneva with Nathan and Ron of world wide solutions! The seven succinct recommendations and bonus takeaways will be really helpful as my company looks to update their website in the future. Thanks, Nathan and team!

Erin Cigliano

Did a great job of fully explaining the issues with responsive design with today’s modern websites. Thank you so much Nathan for gifting me your time!

Max Buschle

Nathan was great he really helped out class understand Google and is a SEO expert he created leads for us to follow it was awesome because he gives back to the community

Ishan Dhanani

Nathan is the most well-versed professional I’ve interacted with on the topic of web design, Google Analytics and online strategy. He’s also very personable with a very teachable approach.

Ryan Carney

Mr. Misirian has a lot of knowledge in the field of google. He gave my team and I great tips on how to be relevant on google search! He is a SEO expert!

Matt Ice

Nathan is awesome. He generously gave his time to come here and work with our students. In a very short amount of time, he got my students engaged while providing hugely valuable insights on web design and search engine optimization. We can't wait to work with him more. I highly recommend Nathan.

Keith Glavan

Mr. Misirian gave an awesome presentation for our Marketing class on how a website should look to be the most successful on Google. It really was something that interested me that I didn’t think would and Mr. Misirian gives great seminars.

Autumn Roberts

Thanks Nathan for coming to speak in my class today. I will be using the 7 rules of design for making our website. Thanks again, great guy!

Justin Claussen

Nathan is clearly an expert in his field and I feel that anyone that meets him will find this out quickly. We were not aiming to do business as he just came to talk to our Virtual Enterprise Class. He walked us through his professional presentation and it was fantastic to see how he would present to a client.

Malachi Lokan

Nathan is super knowledgeable in many aspects of website marketing and delivers clear and applicable strategies for those who work with him.

Paul Lincoln

Thank you very much Nathan for giving us your time today to talk to my class and about your business and all the aspects you take into consideration to run it smoothly. The presentation was very engaging and detailed, while interacting with my peers and keeping it interesting and informative. I learned so many good tips related to marketing, networking, interviews, and sales! Thank you so much!

Alex Smola

Thanks for coming in and teaching us about Google I learned a lot. Maybe one day I’ll make my own website!!

Freya Bay

Nathan is an awesome guy! Thank you for the lessons.

Jake Betancourt

Nathan was great! He helped our class with keywords, google searches, and google analytics.

Sayf Afeef

Nathan came and talked to our class about his business and the business world in general. It was a great presentation that taught us all a lot. He walked us through a mock pitch, and it’s very clear that he’s knowledgeable and good at what he does.

Ian Oleson

Mr. Misirian came and spoke to our Virtual Enterprise class at Geneva High School about what he does. He has a great understanding of his industry and how to make businesses more successful. He has encouraged my class and I on how to improve our company how how we can learn from him.

Kaden Kobylecky

I learned more about how google works in order to build a perfect website.

Emmett Maritato

Over the past year Nathan and I have been working together on marketing and SEO strategies - and the experience has certainly been a valuable one. Nathan has been a mentor, an astute listener and consistently offers marketing and business advice that helps me grow. The relaxed yet professional approach he uses is one to undoubtedly consider.

Blake Starrenburg

The class led by Nathan was very useful. I am excited to apply everything I have learned in my workplace. Plus, the session was FREE. I will definitely be looking forward to more seminars like this!

Iara A. Aldape

Nathan is an amazing business professional. He shared his expertise with our entrepreneurship students. We were so thankful to learn from his experience in marketing / consulting. Thanks Nathan!

David Cook

I learned a lot about search marketing. He showed me what a well designed website looks like and how to design for colors.

Michael Claussen

I have learned alot about the way Google ranks our websites, and how to recieve a higher ranking

Erick Rojas

Nathan was very helpful in teaching us about web design and mobile sites.

Natalia Perez

Thank you Nathan for coming and sharing at BCHS. We learned a lot about Search Engine Optimization.

Eric Diegel

Nathan is a wealth of information. Consistently exceeds expectations and always teaches me something new each and every time we meet! I highly encourage anyone to work with him and his team! He is a great partner and SEED Appreciate his giving back to help our businesses in South Elgin grow!

Marc Falk

Nathan is an incredible business owner that gives back in incredibly helpful ways. He provided great tips to our business class at Geneva High School and is involved in many organizations to help students.

Eileen D.

Nathan taught me a lot about SEO!

Hunter Bertoncini

Great content and presentation, also easy to follow for a non tech

Malte Meier

Nathan came to speak to our VEI class this morning with enthusiasm about his work, and sharing his expertise in a way that got the whole class motivated! So many amazing tips on marketing, networking, and an amazing story that showed his dedication & how it payed off! Thank you!

Sydney Nitschke

Nathan came to speak to our VEI class this morning with enthusiasm about his work, and sharing his expertise in a way that got the whole class motivated! So many amazing tips on marketing, networking, and an amazing story that showed his dedication & how it payed off! Thank you!

Sydney Nitschke

Great knowledge - all things Google. SEO - marketing and web design. Nice work and Thank you!

Tony Sindt

Attended a seminar where Nathan presented and it was very informative and thoroughly researched. I was impressed with his knowledge of the subject and would attend and recommend his seminars.

Rob Reynolds

Nathan is an expert to say the least. He gives back, creates lead and is a smart business leader that has help us out so much!

Jake Daeschler

Great Google insider tips class! Very helpful

Kim Kern

He was extremely helpful for getting our startup ideas to the top of the google search list.

Dylan Both

Very informative presentation with easy to follow steps to get the most from your Google page.

Tom Enzenbacher

Very informative presentation with easy to follow steps to get the most from your Google page.

Tom Enzenbacher

Nathan helped us update our website, which in has in turn created leads to our business. He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped grow our business.

Brynn Zimmerman

Nathan’s class was very informative. His knowledge of SEO is impressive.

Kevin Harold

I have been working with Nathan for over a year now. He is extremely knowledgeable and will work with you to get the best results for your business.

Lori Schutt

Engaging and challenging discussion leader. Can’t wait to put his tips onto practice!

Jerry Thomas

Thank you for providing free training on how to generate new leads through Google my Business! Excellent information!

Kim Egger

I am so grateful to attend one of Nathan's seminars. He is definitely an expert in SEO and website marketing.

Natasa Fryer

You could tell Nathan was very experienced in his field. He created great leads for us and was very nice to spend his time talking with us today.

Josh Schweizer

Nathan came and spoke to my business class and talked about some very important information about how to run a successful business. He really cares about his customers and I would highly recommend him and his company!

Mitchell McCaffrey

Very personable and informative. I learned a lot about how google works and how I can use it to help my business

Karen Gross

Nathan has helped me raise my awareness of the Google world and is helping me create and build leads for my business.

Kathlyn Valentine

Mr. Misirian visited our VEI class to advise us on how to navigate the business world. He demonstrated a great depth of knowledge, from the importance of open source coding in a website to employee management strategies in the workplace, that I hope to achieve one day in my career.

Hannah Pell

As a SEO expert, Nathan, you have provided valuable information in an understandable manner during your S.E.E.D. Google presentation.

Pat Szpekowsk

Nathan is great and the company is great !!! He gives back to the business community. He is an SEO expert. He helps create leads and is a google insider.

Jo McK

Just attended a lunch and learn with Nathan as the presenter. He is clearly an SEO expert! He answered everyone's questions clearly and was easy to listen to. He had very good advice and good examples to improve your website.

Pat Kolodziej

Very helpful and thoughtful. Presented important information to my highschool class. We were glad to have him!

CB Wessel

Nathan visited our incubator classroom and was a natural! He connected quickly with the students and was able to lead them through activities to help them learn about how to create an effective website. We look forward to working with him on a continued basis.

Shannon Stone

Nathan is truly an insider when it comes to his wealth of knowledge in all things Google. His clear, concise teaching method has helped us so much with using this powerful tool for our law library!

Ellen Fultz Schmid

He presents his material well and is very knowledgeable about promoting businesses and attracting eyeballs to your website

Gary Wakefield

Nathan is a pleasure to work with! He's always positive and helpful. His Google Insider Seminar really opened my eyes to all the possibilities of using Google to my organization's advantage.

Nichole Pientka

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Nathan Misirian

Nathan Misirian is an expert on Google marketing strategies for businesses and organizations. A former digital marketing executive and sought-after speaker, he firmly believes that great communication, real life examples, and genuinely caring about people are the keys to lasting client relationships and fantastic results.

A wide range of clients rely on Nathan and his colleagues at Autumn Consulting to help them with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid ads (AdWords), relevant social media, all under the umbrella of a holistic approach to all of their digital marketing needs. His deep knowledge, friendly approach, and can-do spirit has enabled hundreds of clients to achieve increased website visibility that attracts more customers. 

In fact, he has even led Google Marketing projects in other languages – including French, German, Italian as well as English – throughout North America and Europe.

What really energizes Nathan are the results that his strategy and work produces for his clients.
For over 18 years, Nathan and his team have studied and analyzed Google's algorithms on behalf of his clients. Through Autumn's unique process, they apply the algorithm strategy to implement a personalized and holistic digital strategy for businesses around the country.

As a speaker, Nathan crafts engaging presentations that the audience feels comfortable participating in and asking questions. His speaking style is equal parts approachable and deeply informative. With a proven expertise in technical topics, Nathan enjoys taking the details and translating them into easy to understand and actionable presentations.

Nathan is also passionate about giving back, and is an active member of many non profit organizations, including: The Future Institute, Uncharted Learning, Immokalee Foundation and Champions for Learning/Take Stock In Children.

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