If you’re local to the Tampa area or St. Petersburg specifically, Paradeco Coffee Roasters is a burst of paradise that’s bound to put some pep in your step — as any good cup of coffee should. Looking to open a new, trendy coffee shop in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, the founders of Paradeco Coffee Roasters partnered with Autumn Consulting, the Google search marketing firm, to put their shop on the map and optimize their site for Google search marketing to support the grand opening of their dream project. Paradeco was founded by Thomas Maloney and Sonya Sarkar, a couple intent on bringing their dream to life while supporting fresh, small-batch growers. During the pandemic, they decided to leave New York City and pursue their passions. They found St. Petersburg to be their slice of paradise. Combine that with their joint love of art deco style, and the name Paradeco was born. The couple built their business around ideas they hold central to their core beliefs: sustainability, consistency, appreciation, and having a good time throughout the process. They partnered with Hype Group and a female-led team at Boyd Construction in the branding and design of Paradeco’s 1920’s tropical art deco aesthetic. Thomas and Sonya are self-taught coffee connoisseurs, having traveled and studied extensively in order to learn how to select beans, create custom blends, and how to perfect their practice of whole bean coffee roasting. They have sought to create a space that is an experience, provide the best whole bean coffee in St. Petersburg, and believe in ethically sourcing high-quality beans from around the world, highlighting women-owned farms through their product catalog. “From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to create a space and brand that is truly unique. We didn’t just want to be a ‘coffee shop’; we wanted to be a destination and a lifestyle,” Sonya shared with Daily Coffee News. The seed of the partnership between Paradeco Coffee Roasters and Nathan Misiran, President of Autumn Consulting, was planted three years ago when Nathan — unbeknownst to him — met Sonya’s cousin at a speaking engagement for a national conference about SEO. After his presentation at the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association Conference, Sonya’s cousin, a Marketing Director at a major communication and production company at the time, approached Nathan looking to hire Autumn Consulting immediately. While the project did not get the green light from studio execs, Nathan's reputation as an SEO expert remained. Fast forward three years, when Thomas and Sonya mention in a family conversation that they were seeking an expert in SEO to promote their storefront: Sonya’s cousin immediately recommended Nathan. After a quick Google search for “organic search marketing in Florida”, Thomas called Autumn Consulting, a best-rated search marketing firm in Naples, sharing the story behind their dream business and seeking to leverage Nathan’s expertise. By working with Autumn Consulting from the beginning, including the website design process and coaching the design firm through launch, Paradeco Coffee Roasters is now ranking number one on Google in St. Petersburg for “whole bean coffee roasting”, which is their niche. Additionally, they are now number one on Google organically in the Tampa area for the same phrase. With less than a year since its launch, Paradeco Coffee Roasters has refined their Google My Business, in which they have hundreds of five-star reviews. As Thomas and Sonya have seen such great results, they’ve furthered their partnership with Autumn Consulting to include paid ads and more. With the help of Nathan and the Autumn Consulting team, they were able to achieve number one rankings in less than six months. Looking to support a local business? Learn more about Paradeco Coffee Roasters here or follow them on Instagram. __ If you work with us to improve your website and follow our methodology, you can start to see results in sixty days. Reach out today to start improving your Google search rankings.

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