5 Tips for Implementing Smart Marketing Strategies

You provide something unique; you do something different from your competitors. That is why you are in business.

While you know what makes your business unique, most prospects don’t know your “unique selling proposition.”

Qualified prospects need to know why they should choose your company over another. Getting that message out to them, wherever they are listening and looking, is essential to the growth of your company.

The following are Autumn’s five best practice strategies for engaging prospects.

   1. Identify the demographics of your target audience.
Knowing the average age, gender, and general characteristics of your target audience allows you to cater more specifically towards them.

2. Research.
   Based on the demographics of your target audience, look into which platforms would be the best way to reach them specifically. Which trade magazines, websites, local newspapers, or social media sites are they using? For example, women are the primary audience of Pinterest. If your company sells products geared towards women, what could you offer through that platform?

3. Choose a platform wisely.
   You need to consider which platform best supports your products and services. Simply because a new method of marketing pops up does not automatically mean that it will be the best way to reach your clients or benefit your company. If Twitter isn’t a tool that would help your company reach prospective clients then don’t waste your time trying to make it work.

4. Make a plan.
   Have a strategy in place before starting up a new social media account or agreeing to another marketing platform. Know what your goal is, set a budget, and decide how much time per week you can devote. Especially with social media, it takes time and consistency to build and expand your presence. Begin preparing the content and producing creative ideas to engage your audience.

5. Look for “Need-Based” opportunities.
   Yes, you have products and services to sell. But make sure you’re staying open to what your audience is looking for and not simply pushing your surplus products.

Successful businesses know that continually refining and promoting your “unique selling proposition” is essential to growing their businesses.  Companies who partner with Autumn Consulting also customize their message to the right marketing platform.

Autumn Consulting helps our clients clarify their messages with engaging content that draws in qualified prospects. If you’re looking for assistance to build up your company’s marketing strategy, contact us today!

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