Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition to Boost Website Leads

Are you looking to increase leads through your website? Despite trying various strategies, do you find yourself struggling to rank on Google and deliver the desired impact for your business? It’s possible you may have overlooked one of the most crucial digital marketing strategies for driving new business: crafting a compelling value proposition statement or unique selling proposition (USP). 

Watch this excerpt from the recent SRMA webinar as Autumn Consulting founder and Digital Marketing expert Nathan Misirian shares the importance of showcasing your unique selling proposition in the banner of your website.


At Autumn Consulting, our digital marketing professionals have more than 20 years experience helping manufacturing businesses uncover their unique selling proposition and transforming it into a compelling message that resonates with both current and potential clients, resulting in millions of dollars in net new leads.

Multi-generational business owners might ask, “how can I discover my unique selling proposition?” Consider the following questions:

  1. What sets my product or service apart? Consider what it is that makes your services or products unique as compared to the competition. It might be technology, focus on quality, customization, or strategic location. Perhaps it’s reliable, on-time delivery, streamlined supply chain management, or responsive customer support.
  2. Who is my target audience and what do they value? Understand the needs, preferences, and pain points of your ideal customer. What are their biggest challenges? How do your products and services address these needs better than the competition?
  3. What problems does my product or service solve? Identify unique problems or challenges that your services address for customers. Consider how your solutions are distinct and more effective from others available. Do you offer last-mile delivery innovations, smart inventory management, or GPS container tracking?

Once you have identified what makes your business stand out, it’s time to craft a compelling value proposition. A strong value proposition clearly communicates the unique benefits and value that your product or service offers to customers. Your unique selling proposition should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. A compelling USP not only attracts new customers, but helps retain existing ones by reinforcing the unique value your brand provides.

Think about your most recent clients. What was the problem that caused them to reach out to your company? What were the solutions you provided them? What was the result? The answers to these questions can help you put your value proposition into words that convey what it is you really do and why someone should choose you over the competition.

Once your USP has been identified and articulated, it’s time to put it to work generating net new leads for your business. Utilizing your USP for lead generation involves updating your website to ensure that it accurately reflects your offerings and the value you provide to clients. This helps clients understand your offerings and also assists Google in matching potential clients with your products and services based on the keywords in your USP. Autumn has years of experience helping manufacturers develop their unique selling proposition and in a way that helps users, who don’t know your business name, find you based on strategic content.

Creating targeted marketing campaigns and developing personalized messaging that incorporate your unique selling proposition are important for leveraging your USP. An impactful USP will drive new website traffic, generate new leads and ultimately lead to more sales. Consult with a digital marketing expert today to help uncover and unlock the power of your unique selling proposition.

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