Facebook in B2B Marketing

A series of recent Mashable articles discussed opportunities for B2B marketing on Facebook. The social networking site is often so targeted toward consumers that business-to-business marketers may feel like they will miss out on the immense web-marketing power it presents.

However, there are strategies B2B marketers can use to get their share of the pie and have social media become an integral part of qualifying prospects online:

  • Become an Industry Expert.
    Clarify messages about products in your industry by regularly posting insightful content and solving business problems.
  • Solicit Feedback.
    Facebook can help with engaging customers. Ask them to give you feedback on your products or even submit an official testiminial through your Facebook page.
  • Offer Special Deals.
    Lure customers to your Facebook page by making deals available that they cannot get elsewhere. Then retain them by delivering quality posts to their newsfeed on a regular basis.
  • Share your Company Culture.
    Entertain your network and your employees by showcasing employee profiles or telling stories from your company.

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency that can help you with qualifying prospects, engaging customers, and clarifyin messages online.

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