Preparing for Your Next B2B Marketing Meeting

Autumn Consulting believes that we are responsible to be the most prepared and organized on behalf of our B2B marketing clients.  Whether in the Milwaukee or Chicago areas, we know that our clients are busy developing and leading their respective businesses.  As a result, Autumn takes the lead to craft and submit the agenda.  A well organized agenda also lends itself to keeping the meeting on track, the discussion focused and it simplifies the meeting minutes process.
Here are four ways Autumn prepares for a B2B client meeting:


1.  Who’s attending?

Autumn makes sure the “right” decision makers are in attendance.  During a meeting, Autumn actively encourages input and discussion from the meeting attendees. That way, we can apply the right level of subject matter expertise into every marketing activity – whether it is in writing effective website content, designing branded email marketing campaign, or preparing for a trade show.


2.  Why are we meeting? 

Every meeting has an agenda and every agenda includes an organized list of 5-8 key subjects for discussion. In order to facilitate discussion with a healthy dose of B2B full service marketing fimr insight, Autumn routinely prepares several bulleted talking points for each subject to ensure the attendees remember and understand what is being discussed.  When reference documents are needed, Autumn ensures these are ready and at hand for the discussion.  

3.  Strive for clarity.  

Autumn crafts the agenda and prepares the meeting with clarity in mind.  We ask ourselves: What’s the purpose of the meeting? What needs to be accomplished? and What issues need to be resolved? Thorough understanding of the meeting – and of the action items generated at the meeting – ensures that everyone feels “progress is being made.” After a meeting with Autumn, you can be sure that your B2B marketing activities for Milwaukee, Chicago, and nationwide are bringing value, even while you are faced with other business priorities.


4.  Submit in advance.  

Autumn submits an electronic version of the agenda to all participants either one week or several days in advance of the meeting. As often happens when they receive an agenda in advance of the meeting, the client will bring copies of their own agenda and have already written their own notes. When we can facilitate this process before the meeting, the team is more prepared to collaborate, which brings so much more value to the marketing activities we lead.
If you’re looking to improve the marketing and strategic planning for your company, why not work with a B2B full service marketing firm firm like Autumn Consulting who is highly organized, drives for clarity and helps you get the most out of your marketing dollars.  We’ll help your business grow and save you valuable time.
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