The Key to Success with LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool with several purposes if you learn how to incorporate it into your business plan. This social media site describes itself as “a business-oriented social networking site.” But it can do more than just networking, it can also give your business a strong presence on a very popular social media site and help others see your company as a leader in your field. The key to a successful LinkedIn is nearly identical to the success behind any company: get your employees involved. Here’s how you do that:

  • Create a LinkedIn account for your business. Autumn Consulting has a great background in helping businesses amplify their strong-points through LinkedIn.
  • Having a large network of employees on your business LinkedIn account amplifies your potential impact within your network.
  • Provide your employees with training — having a professional and appealing account is not only good for them but reflects well on your company.
  • Encourage them to be active on their profile. Provide them with content they can share. That information relays the knowledge of your business to all of their contacts, which will help your company stand apart from competitors.

Imagine the potential influence your business could have with many of your employees sharing content related to your business. Like any other social media site, LinkedIn is something you can track. Utilize analytics to see how much traffic is brought to your website through LinkedIn. If you see patterns of popular content, use that information to continue producing compelling content!


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