3 Lesser Known SEO and Social Media tools on Google

Many B2B companies currently use Google in  various marketing capacities. Whether it be through maintaining a Google+ business page, Google AdWords, or even simply utilizing Google Drive – Google has become an important asset to businesses. But do you know of all the ways Google can help your company? Taking advantage of these three commonly overlooked tools might offer solutions that help boost your business’ social media marketing and SEO efforts:

  1. Google Alerts. Ever wondered how many times per day your company is searched online? The Google Alerts tool will send you an email whenever something happens to a specific search you want to keep an eye on. Try using it to track keywords you’re thinking about bringing into your search engine marketing.
  2. YouTube. Last year, Google connected all YouTube accounts to Google+. If a user wanted to retain his/her YouTube account, a separate Google+ account had to be created. For the many businesses that already utilized Google+, it is now easier to connect a YouTube channel to your business’ page. For those who had only a YouTube channel, they now also must have a Google+ channel. While the added pressure of maintaining another social media page (Google+) may not be desired, now that many businesses have them, it is wise to maintain them. Use it to your advantage.
  3. Google Finance. Google makes it extremely easy for users to track the stock market through a tool called Google Finance. It collects as much information possible on any company you wish to research. Information it will collect and store includes market capacity, important figures, and all public financial documents.

Google, being the largest search engine in the world, comes with many benefits as a user. Autumn Consulting is a full service marketing firm that can help you manage a search engine optimization project or social media marketing effort of any size. Contact us today to get started growing your business!

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