Autumn Client Celebrates Safety Achievement

Autumn Consulting is proud to announce that our client, Hydro-Thermal, was named a finalist in the 71st Annual Wisconsin Safety & Health Conference and Expo. The Hydro-Thermal Safety Team and employees have worked hard to ensure that Hydro-Thermal is a safe environment.

Maintaining a safe and organized workplace is a top priority in the manufacturing industry. Monitoring the effectiveness of their safety procedures is measured by tracking incidents and by providing employees the chance to report “near miss” situations. These precautions help Hydro-Thermal prevent possible incidents or dangerous circumstances.

While Hydro-Thermal is dedicated the safety of our employees, visitors are also taken into consideration. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is available for all visitors and is kept up-to-date. Hydro-Thermal encourages employees to continue practicing the health and safety efforts promoted at work in their every day lives. Through various events and celebrating Safety Month, employees are given the chance to participate in and practice healthy living.

Autumn enjoys working alongside a company dedicated to excellence in every aspect of their business; whether that be through great marketing or providing employees with the best work environment possible.

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