Autumn Helps Sprinkman Expand Marketing Reach

The Autumn Consulting team helps business clarify their marketing messages to enable them to reach more qualified prospects. Utilizing the web and social media sites are some of the tools Autumn employs to facilitate their clients’ growth. Autumn stays up-to-date with marketing and technology tools to advance their clients’ message. So, when a family-owned, manufacturing company wanted to reach a new market segment, Autumn was ready to help. 

Autumn Consulting recently had the opportunity to help in creating a new Facebook page for W.M. Sprinkman. Sprinkman is a “Made in America” company based in Wisconsin that provides high-quality stainless steel process systems and tanks to the sanitary food and beverage markets. Supplying the growing number of breweries is providing Sprinkman with an increasing demand in two main areas: 

  1. Custom-engineered brew houses. 
  2. Cellars in sizes that are greater than ever before. 

In 2012, the number of breweries reached 2,075, which was 326 more than two years ago. And Sprinkman rose to the challenge of meeting the needs of their clients while also reaching out to more qualified buyers.

In the growing food and beverage industry, Autumn Consulting worked alongside W.M. Sprinkman; helping them to attract qualified prospects and clarify their marketing messages to their audience. Creating a Facebook page for Sprinkman will enable them to reach out to new audiences they previously never engaged. If you are looking for new ways to expand the reach of your marketing messages, contact us today!

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