Autumn Website Marketing Interview with Jennifer Buonaiuto

Autumn Website Marketing Interview with Jennifer Buonaiuto

We’re excited to introduce Jennifer, the latest addition to the Autumn Consulting team, as Marketing & Account Executive.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you on the Autumn Consulting team? What does your role entail?

Being a Marketing and Account Executive at Autumn Consulting, the best rated search marketing in Naples, I work to help grow awareness of the company to qualified prospects, while also engaging current clients in the full Autumn experience. One of my main focuses is helping clients reach or exceed their marketing and business growth goals.

Day-to-day, I’ve been working with Nathan on a variety of projects with different clients, helping wherever needed. From the Account Executive side of my role, I have been working collaboratively with Nathan to develop digital marketing strategies for some of Autumn’s clients. I also love connecting with clients and getting to know them, building and expanding upon Autumn’s relationships. On the marketing side of my role, I focus on the marketing of Autumn itself, finding ways that we can promote both Nathan and the business, through webinars, conferences, and planned monthly content integration.


autumn-consulting-account-marketing-executive-jennifer-buonaiuto-headshot-02-blogCan you share about your professional experience?

I’ve been an educator for the last 11 years, helping middle and high school students earn certifications in Microsoft Office programs. My courses had them handle real-world scenarios, to help prepare them for college and their careers. Over my time teaching, thousands of my students were certified in these industry-leading certifications.

Prior to teaching, I worked in digital marketing, which has made me very results-driven and detail-oriented. Coming back into that now working at Autumn, a Google search marketing firm in Naples, it’s very exciting, as marketing is one of my other passions.

In my past marketing experience, I was at a digital media agency in Tampa, FL, where I started as an Account Coordinator. Shortly thereafter, they moved me into an Account Executive role. It was a small company at the time that was growing leaps and bounds, largely thanks to its main client, In the last year and a half of my time there, I was promoted to Marketing Manager for all seasonal campaigns on

My favorite part of digital marketing is the fact that everything can be tracked. This bodes really well considering Autumn’s focus on campaigns and SEO: I love tracking campaigns and analyzing reports in real-time to optimize performance.

When you heard about Autumn Consulting, what was most appealing to you?

What most appealed to me was Autumn Consulting’s value of going the extra mile.

Additionally, Nathan is so focused on serving others as well as the continuous learning of not only his team members but also his clients. He focuses on growing through reflection. Seeing that kind of messaging on his website before I even met with him and speaking to mutual connections who had nothing but wonderful things to say about both him and his business, I immediately felt positive about it. Finally, the fact that Autumn Consulting is an innovative solution-based company was very inspiring to me.


What has it been like working with Nathan?

Nathan’s leadership and business relationship style is one that’s very rare: he fosters an environment of complete trust and transparency with both our clients and our internal team. Working with him has definitely exceeded my expectations. He’s very passionate about what he does and wants to share that with all of his team members and his clients, creating WOWmoments for everyone he encounters. He prioritizes taking time to build relationships by asking questions of interest and clarity.


How do clients interact with you throughout the process of working with Autumn?

To start, Nathan is introducing me to the clients that I will be working with most closely. I have the opportunity to review and understand their SEO reports and participate in live client meetings. Post meetings, I am assessing next steps and brainstorming on new ideas for our clients with Nathan. As I ramp up, I will be taking a more active role involving SEO reporting, meetings, and issuing strategies.


When you’re not contributing to Autumn’s growth, how do you enjoy spending your time?

I enjoy spending my time with my family and close friends. I’ve been married to my husband Bobby for 11 years. We have two children: my son Enzo and my daughter Adilee. We also have a more recent, furry addition to the family: a six-month-old Weimaraner named Cash — after Johnny Cash.

I’m also very involved with our local church group. They are like family to us. Having been a teacher for the last 11 years has provided me with near-constant opportunities to give back. And while I’m in the throes of adapting to my new role at Autumn, I’m excited to reengage with the schools I have those relationships with. Giving back and educating young adults remains extremely important to me. I also look forward to getting involved with Autumn’s charitable efforts as well.

Jennifer’s keen eye for detail and love of data analysis is a huge asset for Autumn Consulting.

If you’re interested in joining Autumn Consulting in the future, get in touch with us to see if it might be a good fit!

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