Utilizing Voice of Customer Research to Improve Digital Marketing


Autumn Consulting is a full-service Google search marketing firm that strives to create WOW moments for its customers, staff, and prospects. To that end, Autumn designed and hosted a webinar with Scott Drucker to introduce Autumn’s clients to the power of a Voice of Customer Research.  Nathan Misirian, President of Autumn Consulting shared, “My goal is to find ways to add real value to our clients by bringing in top experts like the Drucker Group.

What is Voice Of Customer Research and Why Does it Matter?


Voice of Customer Research (VOC) is an in-depth analysis with specific examples of why customers buy. VOC studies can offer your business unparalleled opportunities to gain crucial insights and capture your best market opportunities in a timely, affordable manner. Consider VOC research as a health check for your business. 53% of businesses surveyed regularly conduct market research, according to the Harris Market Research Impact Report.

In order to provide better services and products, and ultimately propel sales, a detailed understanding of your business’ customers needs to be at the center of the decision-making processes. Market research can help answer questions that are asked by businesses everywhere:

“Why do potential buyers fail to see the value we can provide?”

“How are we really viewed by customers?”

“Are we focused on the right market segments?”

“Why don’t we generate more leads”

“Why can’t we increase our sales volumes?”

“Do we know if we’re delivering a great customer experience?”

Through investigative marketing, Drucker Group uses research to drive strategies for companies of all sizes. Based on knowing how and why your customer buys, companies who use VOC can choose the “best” marketing channel to reach them.


How Does VOC Research Work?


VOC studies gather market insights from both internal and external customers and stakeholders allowing you to develop a strategic plan and a more compelling customer value proposition. The data gathered in these studies will cover the perception of both your brand and product in the market, key buying factors, and more. Businesses should use Voice of the Customer studies to align the Sales, Finance, and Executive teams to zero in on who is the ideal customer

The length of the study can vary based on the size and scope of the audiences that Drucker Group will need to engage, but on average the process lasts between eight to 12 weeks. Documenting your customers’ pain points, buying and usage experiences, key purchase drivers, and opportunities to delight provide the foundation for improving customer retention and revenue growth.

VOC enables your business to uncover customer niches and their unique buying decision priorities. One customer uncovered that more than 40% of their customers were small businesses and the sales team wasn’t even calling on that niche of the business. Don’t let fear of negative feedback or issues deter your business from conducting VOC research: issues are merely opportunities in disguise.


The Benefits of VOC Research for Your Business


VOC insights lead companies to tailor advertising with the right picture, right message, and mechanism to distribute it. Imagine the power of understanding the voice of your customers and then integrating that into Autumn’s organic and paid search marketing campaigns. Using these insights means that new blogs, pages, and ads would resonate not only for our clients but for their customers. Exploring the power of Voice of Customer Research has the ability to accelerate digital web marketing for businesses and non-profits. Your business will reap the benefits: reduction in customer churn, improved effectiveness of marketing activities, increased customer lifetime value, and more. 68% of companies that reported increased revenue in the last 12 months used market research to do so. Additionally, being consumer-centric is an evergreen strategy that will always benefit your business. 

If you are interested in learning more about Voice of Customer Research, you can download the Drucker Group’s VOC white paper or contact them to learn more.

Click below to view the full webinar, Voice of Customer Research: The Value of Truly Hearing Your Customers, presented by the Drucker Group and Autumn Consulting.

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