Fast Five: Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

You have a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile and just signed up for Pinterest.  The problem: Nothing is happening. When building out an integrated web […]

Increase Sales & Website Traffic with Google AdWords: How Birkey’s Farm Store Did It!

Earlier this year, we posted an article about Birkey’s Farm Store and their amazing success with Google AdWords in only 4 months’ time. Now, Birkey’s current campaign has succeeded in […]

3 Business Benefits to Rebranding Your Website – How Goodwill Did It!

From Good to Great We recently had the opportunity to work with the People Team (the Human Resources arm of Goodwill NCW), in helping them build a more streamlined, easy […]

Boost Your Business with a Cloud-Based Web Portal

As a web marketing agency in Milwaukee, Autumn Consulting understands the need for speed and convenience when it comes to accessing internal documents for your job. To help our client […]

Test Post 2

To help bolster a campaign for engagement, we worked together with the Marketing team at Ruekert/Mielke to pioneer a captivating messaging tool.  This booklet-styled tool – that we also repurposed […]

Pinterest: The Power of Photo-Based Marketing

With nearly 12 million monthly users, Pinterest is the growing, new virtual pin board system promoting the power of online photo-sharing for people with common interests. One benefit for business […]

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