Pinterest: The Power of Photo-Based Marketing

With nearly 12 million monthly users, Pinterest is the growing, new virtual pin board system promoting the power of online photo-sharing for people with common interests. One benefit for business owners is Pinterest’s unlimited photo-sharing capabilities, bridging connections beyond inner circles.

Pinterest’s homepage is a dynamic collage of “pinned” (posted) photos/captions updated in real-time from all the people you follow and that you can share with your followers. Think Pinterest can’t work for your business? Consider our eMarketing strategy.

When you post a photo of a brand you love (e.g., the new Marc Jacobs bag, an item from the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, or your favorite Starbucks Coffee flavor), that photo appears on the homepage of your followers and exponentially that photo also shows up on the boards of your followers’ followers. If you attach your website’s URL in the captions of your pins, imagine the traffic it could create for your company’s website. Talk about success for qualifying prospects and engaging customers!

The social networking site invites everyone from moms to marketers to share photos and captions around common topics like architecture, fashion, food, humor, sports, travel and more. Designers, travel agencies, celebrities as well as companies and non-for-profits have all jumped on the Pinterest-train and are taking full advantage of the word-of-mouth marketing taking place.

See how brands like Kotex build customer engagement through a Pinterest campaign promoting Women’s Inspiration Day awareness:

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