Good News: Revamped FISC site grows customer engagement

Autumn Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of the new FISC (Financial Information and Service Center) website:

FISC, a program of Goodwill NCW, is a keen leader and quality provider of financial services for people seeking help, counsel or direction on how to manage their finances.

While FISC’s team of financial experts knew how to counsel customers on making wiser financial decisions, they were also looking to incorporate more user-friendly features  for engaging customers who visit the site.

FISC’s Old Homepage“We wanted to improve the readability of the site and make it easier and quicker for people to find the information they were looking for,” explains Alan Prahl, FISC’s Education and Marketing Leader.

Their vision: A revamped site with new brand messaging, helpful resources and a clean design.

Passionate about working with a nonprofit and growing their marketing message to engage current customers and reach out to new qualified prospects, our Autumn group teamed up with FISC to recreate a site that serves customers from a financial and a usability perspective.

Marijo Upshaw, Leader of Financial Services for Goodwill Industries of NCW, says, “Nathan’s great observation about the site was spot on: it was a ‘library of facts,’ a site with a lot of good info, but as Nathan discovered, people in financial crisis don’t want to read a lot of facts, they want help. The greatest drawback was that we had too much information.”

Through a series of collaborative meetings and interviews, Autumn helped create an integrating branding experience through a new content managed system to attract new prospects and further engage existing customers. Content was also rewritten to be more prospect-focused. The homepage is also split into three segments to better meet audience needs: Ask a Financial Counselor, Get Started Now and Learn More.

“The new site is much easier to navigate and more intuitive,” says Prahl. “And visually, it’s much more attractive,“ he adds. A great start to a New Year.

FISC’s New HomepageDo you think it’s time to update your current website for better company branding and improved search engine visibility? Reach out to us with your current issue and we’ll tailor a unique web marketing plan to help get you moving. Our team of specialized marketers, sales experts, journalists, writers and web/design professionals makes up a Milwaukee web marketing agency that works with different businesses and non-profits.

Click here to view the website revamp we also did for Goodwill NCW.

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