How Autumn Consulting Partners With SRMA: How We Work With Manufacturing Companies

As an established professional in the manufacturing and B2B space, you know how difficult it can be to find resources for your company. From talent pipelines and knowledge sharing to legislative advocacy for your interests, finding resources to serve your unique industry can sometimes feel next to impossible.

But for manufacturers located in Southwest Florida, SRMA is here to help. This member-driven organization offers dozens of industry-specific resources, including networking, advocacy, and even business assessments.

Whether you’re an established local business or an up-and-coming brand, the SRMA has something on its list to help you thrive. And with the added support and partnership of Autumn Consulting, you can holistically grow your business both off and online.

What is The SRMA?

SRMA stands for the Southeast Regional Manufacturer’s Association, a unique organization created for and by manufacturing professionals. Designed to assist growing businesses by enhancing their productivity, the organization provides advocacy and networking opportunities for individuals at any experience level.

The professionals at the SRMA take great pride in creating a lasting impact for manufacturers. Sharing in their vision of a stronger, brighter future, Autumn Consulting chose to partner with the SRMA to help business owners understand their digital marketing and Google search marketing needs.

How Autumn Consulting and SRMA Work Together

As a Google search marketing firm located in Southwest Florida, the team at Autumn Consulting is always looking to make a meaningful impact on our community. We genuinely care about the betterment of our region, which is why we believe in providing authentic WOW moments through the open discussion of knowledge.

Here’s what we do to serve the SRMA and its members:

  • We continuously offer marketing webinars to help SRMA members succeed in their online endeavors. One of our most recent events was titled ‘5 Strategies for Digital Marketing Success.’ The goal was to show manufacturers of all skill levels how they could generate more qualified leads from an SEO-friendly website. We also plan to host another upcoming webinar on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to help growing professionals make informed decisions with data.
  • We provide detailed insights about manufacturer marketing to the SRMA and its extensive member base. As a certified third-party provider for FloridaMakes, an organization serving the high-wage manufacturing sector, we take it upon ourselves to glean actionable data and share insights and ideas with developing professionals. We are proudly vetted and approved by these regional networks as a partner for manufacturing success, and continuously serve clients with excellent digital marketing services and WOW moments that last the test of time.
  • We support manufacturers big and small with the creation of a custom digital marketing strategy. Our founder Nathan Misirian commands more than a decade of experience with manufacturer marketing, and maintains a long history of supporting brands in different capacities. From ad campaigns and content creation to website design and organic SEO, Autumn Consulting has the tools you need to upgrade your digital marketing tactics.

Creating billions of dollars’ worth of impact on jobs, funding, and legislative advocacy, the partnership between Autumn Consulting and the SRMA is truly here to stay.

How You Can Partner Your Manufacturing Company With Autumn Consulting

Manufacturing companies throughout Southwestern Florida and the country rely on Autumn Consulting to enhance their online marketing endeavors. We provide many different forms of value to serve your growing business, and encourage you to:

  • Attend a live webinar: We also provide in-person events that offer training on marketing, Google indexing, SEO, and much more.
  • Follow us on social media: We regularly post helpful information and advice, including information about SEM, paid ads, AI, and many other changes pertaining to your business.
  • Call us for a consultation: We offer WOW moments to each of our clients through customized solutions embedded in proven best practices.

Curious to learn more about how Autumn Consulting could serve your manufacturing company? You’re welcome to fill out our online contact form to connect with a professional right away.

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