How to Measure Your Social Metrics

If your business has various social media platforms, you understand how it feels important to count the numbers and track your “popularity” by Followers, Likes, Shares, and Retweets. While a high number of followers and consistent “likes” and “shares” certainly is a sign that you’re making progress in the right direction, not every “like” is the equivalent of a sale. Social media success can be measured if you know the right numbers to track. Consider these 5 points when cultivating your business’ social media strategy.

1. Conversations. The most important thing to consider when it comes to social media is the quality conversations you engage in with followers. Your primary goal is to build relationships. Engaging people in conversations is a great one-to-one model that clients and potential customers respond well to. The number of followers does not mean much if you don’t have a loyal follower base that trusts you as a business.

2. Repeat Engagement. Know your “super fans.” These are the people who regularly like and share your content. Having these types of followers is a big social media success; it means you’ve gained a loyal follower.

3. Track the Right Numbers. Which numbers should you consider and how do you measure them? Consider these 3 things:
Reach– Who was exposed to your content?
Engagement– How much time was spent on the website or page?
Influence– Who took action (shares/subscribed)?

4. Virality vs. Likes. Counting “likes” is not the most accurate way to measure online success. Create content that excites your audience to take action and share the idea. To go viral, you must connect with your fans’/followers’ passions. They are more likely to share material that captures their interest, which will in turn grab the attention of their friends and followers.

5. Metrics vs. Influencers. Metric are not personable. It’s tracking the data. How many people liked a statues, followed you on Twitter, etc. Influencers are individuals with whom you are building relationships. They are different things and need to be approached and measured differently.

The most important thing to consider is the quality of conversations you engage in with your audience. Are you building a relationship with your followers on a personal level, encouraging trust and producing brand loyalty? Measure the right statistics and post content that will entice your audience to take action on your posts. Numbers are important, but as the saying goes, quality over quantity. More sales and relationships will come from a strong audience base than from having thousands of “likes” from people who are not engaged by your products and content. Contact Autumn Consulting today, learn more about us and Nathan Misirian to get started!

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