Integrating Twitter into your Marketing Strategy

With the right strategy, social media marketing can improve and help you engage with prospects. Whether you choose to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, Autumn Consulting regularly helps businesses improve their marketing with social media, such as Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blog, limiting updates to 140 characters. What sets it apart from other types of social medias is its ability to allow you to interact in real time with customers and prospects who might not be in your current network. Content is key to engaging your followers, but tweeting alone won’t generate followers. Having integrated content and marketing strategy is the key for ongoing Twitter success.

How Can Twitter Help Grow My Business?

  • Social Networking. Discover people who are interested in your product and publish information that will engage them.
  • Follow People. Basic searches allow you to find companies that may be interested in your products as well as people posting content related to your company.
  • Share Content. After you find people or businesses interested in the types of products you sell, “share” tweets they publish that would be relevant and helpful for your followers. Your followers get more information and the person whose content your republished will notice your company.
  • Get Feedback. Social media is a dialogue with customers or prospects. Listen in to identify popular questions or topics and respond.

Next Steps

  • Get started with Twitter. Let Autumn Consulting help you create and run your social media account.
  • Connect with Autumn to help you evaluate and improve what you are already doing with your social media marketing.

Using Twitter and other social medias as part of your integrated marketing plan produces great results for your company. Consider partnering with Autumn to help maximize your marketing efforts and social media planning. Contact us today and let’s set up a meeting!

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