New, Practical Strategies for Social Media Success

Choosing the right social media sites and strategies for your business can be tough. Where to start? What type of content should be posted? How can I stay on top of all of this?

Here are three simple strategies to help you and your business clarify messages and engage customers through social media:

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1) Determine your social media “home base”. Designate one social media site as your “home base” and spend most of your social media time posting original and engaging content on this site. Sites like Google+ or Facebook are good sites to have as your home base because they allow you to post content and images, without character limits  and restrictions.

2) Re-post effectively. Re-post interesting and original content from your home base site onto other social media sites, like Twitter and Pinterest, with focused messaging. Feel free to create multiple tweets or posts from one main content article by pulling out different points of interest and using engaging, varied, imaging. Use sites like Hootsuite to post on multiple social media sites from one place and schedule them to go out at various times in the future.

3) Don’t do it all alone! Building your business or brand on social media takes time and appointing one person, or doing this all yourself, can be overwhelming and can set your business up to be unsuccessful. Be sure to make social media a priority for a dedicated group of people so that your social media presence can be frequent and inspiring. According to marketing legend, Guy Kawasaki, “part of doing social media well is knowing what you don’t know and what you can’t do well, and then finding someone who does.”

Autumn Consulting has a dedicated team of individuals with experience building brands and businesses through social media. We can manage your social media presence and build your brand on the web, while you continue to make your business successful in other ways. Contact us today to start a conversation about your success with social media.


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