Quickly Engage Prospects with Video Marketing in Your Strategic Plan

Whether a company in Milwaukee or Chicago, our web marketing clients often ask: How can you introduce your audience to a new product or service? Create a promotional video that does three things:

  • Highlights the current problem or negative trend.
  • Clearly explains your product and service in simple, concise language.
  • Shows how it works and who benefits.

Take a look at BluePoint Alert Solutions. Their goal is to enable faster on-site police response and facility wide broadcasts, to protect and save lives during an intruder incident. Their marketing challenge was how to quickly connect with prospects who have not yet heard of their company or their solution. Check out their newest video:

Autumn listened and watched the BluePoint team present their business and noted key phrases, style and tone of voice. We were able to apply this approach and work with an actor to convey this in a meaningful way on screen. In collaboration with BluePoint, we planned, developed and shot a promotional video for within 45 days. Yes, that’s fast.

Working with Autumn Consulting and BluePoint was highly collaborative and fun. Autumn quickly learned the key phrases and marketing challenges. Then, turned these concepts into great video and web marketing solution that will help BluePoint connect with more prospects around the country. 

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