SEO: Google's New Algorithm Demands Creative and Unique Content

Achieving high rankings in Google searches is key to any successful SEO and web marketing campaign.  With recent changes in the search engine’s algorithm and the company’s continued unwillingness to reveal its make-up, businesses need effective strategies to reach customers online.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes tools that small businesses have used to boost their web marketing through SEO.  It also points to Google’s main objective through the changes implemented in February: to weed out “content farms,” which are web pages that use identical information from other sources, compromising quality and uniqueness.

Autumn Consulting can help you write marketing content that helps with clarifying messages while using the unique and creative product descriptions Google looks for.

Whether you’re in Milwaukee, Appleton or Chicago, our tips help boost search engine marketing results. Here some helpful strategies for improving your web content writing strategy:

•    Engaging customers means avoiding the copying of material you have used in the past or read elsewhere.  Readers will appreciate fresh, creative content.

•    Use more details in your product descriptions.  The less generic your vocabulary, the more unique your content will be, leading to you qualifying prospects through SEO.

•    Create a cycle of web content that consistently links back to your website.  The more links people click to your site, the higher your rankings will be.  You can use social media and web marketing to create a viral web campaign.

•    Use canonical tags.  These tags help web masters and site owners eliminate self-created and duplicated content, so that multiple pages are considered as one.

The Autumn team consists of experienced marketers, professional writers, and journalists. We can help you optimize your web writing strategies in order to achieve the highest Google ranking possible.

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