Social Media's Political Marketing Benefits

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Is social media marketing effective? Lets look at the biggest competition currently happening in our nation today, the upcoming presidential election. Both candidates are using social media to benefit their cause and influence voters.

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both chose to sharpen their social media efforts for their presidential campaigns. Using popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube helps, not only to broaden their audiences, but also show a more personal side of the candidates.

No media shows a personal side of a candidate more than photo sharing websites and President Obama, Mitt Romney, even Wisconsin’s Governor Walker and opponent Tom Barrett, are all on board. The candidates use Flickr, Instagram, or Pinterest to show pictures of them promoting their values and exciting audiences; photos that wouldn’t normally be shown on the evening news. These photos then link and are displayed to the world on their web pages, blogs,  twitter accounts and Facebook pages.


Only time will tell if President Obama, Mitt Romney, Governor Walker, or Tom Barrett’s political wins are greatly attributed to the time they spent promoting themselves on social media. However, their campaigns have shown that using social media to promote yourself or your brand is no longer simply a way to connect with young people; its use is necessary in connecting with qualified prospects and being successful.

Check out the next installment of this blog post where we discuss the specific ways in which Governor Scott Walker and Mayor Tom Barrett find success using social media and how your business can adapt these same tactics in your social media campaign.

Want to learn more about growing your business through a social media marketing campaign? Our Autumn Consulting team of experts are ready to help you get started. Contact us today!

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