Governor Scott Walker vs. Mayor Tom Barrett: Wisconsin's Social Media Marketing Battle

Autumn Consulting is a web marketing agency serving the Milwaukee area that specializes in helping businesses excel in their social media marketing efforts. In our previous blog post, we looked at the effectiveness of using social media in the frame of popular political races. Here, we’ll discuss what specific forms of social media are working for Wisconsin political candidates Governor Scott Walker and Mayor Tom Barrett and how you can adapt them for your business’ social media campaign. 

Wisconsin’s political climate has been heating up leading into the momentous recall election on June 5th. Both political candidates, Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett are using multiple forms of social media to influence the vote and lead voters to the polls. Some of these media have proven to be very successful to the candidates’ purpose.

Governor Scott Walker has found success in creating videos and posting them on his YouTube channel. These videos are then shared with friends and family through other social media, like Twitter and Facebook. The Governor has 109 videos posted on his YouTube channel and these videos, in total, have been viewed over 650,000 times.

Mayor Tom Barrett, on the other hand, has found success in using Twitter and Facebook to promote campaign events. Tom Barrett and Bill Clinton campaigned in Milwaukee on June 1st and used Twitter and Facebook to get the word out for the event. The Facebook event was posted on May 31st, one day before the event, and, according to Tom Barrett’s Twitter account, more than 3,500 people attended the campaign event. That number can largely be attributed to its promotion through social media.

These tactics can also be used to engage customers and attract qualified prospects in businesses. Consider using a video marketing campaign to attract new prospects to your product or educate existing customers of your product’s multiple uses. Think about using Twitter and Facebook to promote your business’ next big event, sale, or accomplishment.

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