The Basics of Google AdWords

Google ads allow any business to advertise on the most popular search engine site in the world. It’s a great tool when you know how to best utilize it, but it could turn into a money-eater if you don’t understand the strategies. Google AdWords is a lot of work, but here are some pointers to keep in mind with any campaigns you activate through Google.

Ad Content. When writing the actual ads, your content needs to be relevant, concise, and intriguing. For most of our clients, Autumn will begin with 3-4 ads (depending on budget provided by the client). Watching which ads do well within the first week or two allows us to eliminate the ad(s) attaining the least amount of traffic. That extra budget can be then put towards the successful advertisements. It also gives us better insight into what content engages the audience of our client. This knowledge helps us not only with current campaign strategies, but also any future campaigns.

Keywords. Google Adwords allows you to choose several keywords that represent the services provided by your company, specifically related to whatever you’re promoting. Being strategic while choosing keywords is necessary. The point is not to think of every single possible word or phrase that could potentially be attributed to your business; just the ones that best describe the subject of your advertisements. After a week or two, you’ll be able to see trends; Google will show you which keywords are yielding the best results. Do some research first: Finding out what people are typing into searches can help you strategically plan your keywords.

Monitor Your Progress. Google is very good about providing you with stats. It gives you insight into how many clicks your ads get, how many people see your ads, specific cost of each ad, position within searches, and much more. Using this data to better your ads, keywords, and campaigns will get you ahead of the game. It shows you which ads are simply spending your budget without providing any tangible results. Once you find the messaging that works for your business, stick to it!

Google is a great tool for any business, large or small. Being strategic with your AdWords will help you reach more people and grow your business. Autumn Consulting is a web marketing firm proficient in managing Google AdWord campaigns. If your business is looking to get started advertising on Google, contact us today!  

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