Unlocking Success: Verst Logistics Boosts Sales with Strategic Autumn Consulting Partnership

The transportation and logistics industry is more competitive than ever. Just 10 of America’s largest grossing logistics companies command nearly 25% of the industry, which peaked at $2 trillion in the second half of 2020. Now more than ever, growing family-owned businesses must lean into best SEO practices to help interested leads discover their organization.

This was the case for Verst Logistics, a family-owned fulfillment warehouse and transportation carrier located in Walton, KY. After decades of cultivating a glowing reputation, the company was ready to expand their marketing efforts with a stronger interest in search engine optimization. Knowing the stakes were high, Verst decided to partner with Autumn Consulting, a seasoned expert in the transportation and fulfillment marketing industry.

And the results, as they say, speak for themselves.

The Background

Verst Logistics began its SEO journey after a less-than-ideal partnership with a national provider. They knew they wanted to create an organic and paid optimization strategy, but they felt underserved by their current provider and dissatisfied with their current campaign.

To move the needle forward and take advantage of new market opportunities, Verst Logistics began searching for a new SEO partner that could drive results.

The Decision

After researching and deliberating between multiple marketing providers, Verst chose to partner with Autumn Consulting. As both Verst and Autumn are family-owned businesses, the partnership was a natural fit from the beginning.

Autumn immediately began enriching Verst’s website with optimized logistics keywords. The goal was to set up keyword searches that matched the bid cycle to four major lines of business:

  1. Packaging
  2. Warehousing
  3. Fulfillment
  4. Transportation

By focusing on keywords specifically for driving pipelines, the plan was to circumvent, not compete against, major industry players.

To ensure everyone was aligned with Verst’s marketing goals, Autumn Consulting held monthly meetings and quarterly discussions with marketing staff, sales groups, and executive management teams. They brought together an internal and external cohesive team of sales, marketing, and executive-level representatives. This unique approach of including all areas of sales and marketing helped blaze the trail to successful campaigns. This holistic approach allowed Autumn to hear directly from experts on what was trending in the market and to focus on key tactics with the marketing team that could deliver measurable results. 

Through close collaboration with Verst’s sales and marketing teams, Autumn Consulting refined the company’s digital touch points to maximize leads and streamline the sales process.

The Results

The primary goal of Verst’s partnership with Autumn Consulting was to drive more users to the company’s digital channels. But the solutions provided created many more opportunities by quickly generating additional revenue.

Autumn Consulting’s team of dedicated experts leaned into strategies like:

  • Optimizing Verst’s website to encourage more user traffic.
  • Streamlining Verst’s digital marketing efforts to drive more leads to their site.
  • Building out Verst’s marketing pipeline to accommodate more sales.

The ongoing relationship between Verst and Autumn, paired with business and digital strategies, helped contribute toward double-digit new sales deals valued at millions of dollars annually. They also generated over 1,000 leads from their site landing pages, resulting in 300+ opportunities with a direct impact on revenue.

Autumn continues to provide ongoing support to Verst through SEO strategies and monthly website updates. Today, Verst’s marketing, sales, and executive teams hold monthly strategy meetings to ensure collaboration and alignment.

A Search Engine Marketing Company Built For Competitive Industries

Autumn Consulting remains a key player in Verst Logistics’ marketing schema. It’s also the primary reason we received the 2023 TMSA Trailblazer Award, which is an incredible honor to Nathan Misirian and his team. At Autumn, we endeavor to deliver WOW moments to each and every client, offering a highly competitive edge even in highly saturated markets.

If you’re interested in positioning your logistics firm to take advantage of Google search marketing techniques, don’t hesitate to reach out to Autumn Consulting at wow@autumnconsult.com.

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