Autumn Consulting Wins TMSA Purpose Award For 2023

Autumn Consulting is more than just a business — it’s a movement of empowered individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Our team members work tirelessly every day to WOW our clients and create meaningful change.

This dogged mission has empowered our Google search marketing firm since its very first day in business. We’re proud to receive recognition from the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association for our efforts.

Making Our Mark on the TMSA Trailblazer Awards

TMSA is the world’s only organization focused on supporting marketers in the commercial freight and transport industry. Founded by and for sales and marketing professionals with a deep love for community, it remains a nationally recognized leader in the celebration of stellar marketers.

Perhaps best known of all TMSA’s recognition efforts are its annual Trailblazer Awards. Launched in 2022 to highlight exceptional marketers in the industry, there are five unique award categories available to members. Autumn Consulting competed in this year’s TMSA Purpose Award, which recognizes stand-out marketing organizations that are dedicated to supporting their communities.

We are honored to accept this year’s 2023 TSMA Purpose Award for creating an outstanding impact on local communities nationwide. This year we specifically highlighted the work our Account Executive, Jennifer Buonaiuto did with Sunlight Home.

Community Impact is a Journey, Not a Destination

Autumn Consulting believes that community, like marketing, requires care, encouragement, and intentionality. We’re passionate about caring for the people around us through a multifaceted mission from Autumn Cares.

Autumn Cares allows our company to live out its values in a way that impacts more than just our client. We believe WOW moments belong to everyone we serve, including the people in our local community.

With this in mind, we’ve established Autumn Cares to perform three specific tasks:

  1. To share our time, treasure, and talent with local organizations in each of our communities that need our help.
  2. To develop relationships with others in our community and support the next generation.
  3. To live out our company values in a tangible way without losing sight of what matters.

Our generous contributions of time and money have provided essential assistance to dozens of local organizations. Over the past 18 months, we have volunteered and provided monetary donations to more than numerous groups making a difference. With our team members spread throughout the country, our efforts are focused in each of their communities.

A few of these incredible local organizations include:

Through these initiatives and community-wide efforts, Autumn Consulting has seen profound changes in the lives of our customers, community members, and employees. We’re determined to continue our efforts and upscale our abilities to make a continual impact on the most vulnerable people in our community.

If you want to learn more about our commitment to community or join our mission to create local impacts, don’t hesitate to reach out to Autumn Consulting at (813) 618-7554. We look forward to delivering exceptional WOW moments that coincide with your purpose and ours.

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