2023 SEO Strategies to Maximize SEO for Businesses

As one of the best rated search marketing firms in Naples, FL, Autumn Consulting is always fine-tuning our approach to SEO. We encourage companies of any age to assess their SEO year in review, which can help them benchmark their current strategy against upcoming shifts and potential pitfalls. To help with this process in 2023, we’ve collected three mission-critical strategies you can use to get ahead. After careful review of Google’s Developers Blog, we digest the previous 12 months and evaluate trends based on select open source documents — starting with the most mission-critical.

2023 SEO Strategies From Autumn Consulting

Successful marketing in 2023 is largely based on human-centric content. Here’s what our top-rated Google search marketing firm suggests for your 2023 SEO strategy:

1. Continue writing authentic content. Ranking high on Google is a huge priority for most companies. However, it’s important to start with human beings first — Google has now implemented Machine Learning that ‘reads’ content for context. Write content that is 3–5 paragraphs in length and incorporate SEO phrases throughout the piece. Add a keyword in the first sentence that reflects your main idea, then link it to your website or a relevant third-party. This well-structured, on-theme content is vital for ranking high on Google and surpassing your competitors.

2. Leverage video and video transcripts. Video content continues to be a great trend for increasing visitor time-on-page. Transcripts also provide an opportunity to rank for SEO and engage a larger audience. Take time to edit your transcripts with keyword phrases and hyperlinks, then publish the video and the transcript on the same page (if possible). It helps SEO if your video is posted after the second paragraph.

3. Avoid bad link-building with purchased spam. Google has slowly de-emphasized the value of backlinks for content validity. In December 2022, Google announced an updated algorithm that reduces page ranking for sites that buy spam. Instead of engaging in black-hat SEO, continue to publish fresh monthly content and avoid the trap of too many links.

Even with all these strategies in place, there is one last piece of advice to consider: acquiring a world-class, highly-experienced search marketing company that can take your brand to the next level.

Partner With A Google Search Marketing Firm To Track Ongoing Results

The professionals at Autumn Consulting understand the stressors of SEO — which is why we strive to help our clients with fully managed Google search marketing services. We go the extra mile to bring out the best in those we serve, and carry out the vision of our business through learning continuously, serving others, and building lasting relationships.

We help our clients rank high on Google by:

  • Caring for people: We intentionally seek out new strategies and methodologies that will help our clients reach page one.
  • Value-added service: Our founder, Nathan Misirian, hosts Google Insider Seminars for clients inside and outside the business, which are always free of charge.
  • Simplifying complexity: The world of search marketing may seem complicated — but with customized service and access to one-on-one meetings, it doesn’t have to be.

If your organization is looking to solve complex problems through world-class digital marketing strategies, Autumn Consulting can help. Contact us today to chat with SEO professionals about your needs.

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