Autumn Cares Brightens the Future of Sunlight Home


The Sunlight Home of Collier County has been empowering pregnant women and teens since 1994. This residential maternity home is dedicated to providing lasting change within a loving, caring environment. Thousands of girls have successfully found hope and healing in their robust training program, and receive housing, food, shelter, job training, and baby supplies that aid in breaking the cycle of poverty. It is an honor that Sunlight Home has chosen Autumn Consulting as their Google search marketing firm.

But Hurricane Ian jeopardized this program to its core — as well as the mothers and babies who rely on it for daily care.

The storm hit the Sunlight Home at the end of September 2022. Wreaking havoc on the grounds, building, and resources, the building was without power for a prolonged period of time. No mothers or babies were hurt during the storm, but the loss of electricity was a frustrating obstacle for both volunteers and their communities.

Leaders at Sunlight Home quickly realized they were not prepared for future hurricanes, let alone a Category 4+ storm. Their Southwest Florida location would leave them vulnerable for a large portion of the year, and the continuous risk of electrical losses would continue to be a thorn in their side.

Sunlight Home volunteers began to identify some pressing needs: a camp stove, some survival supplies, and a fuel-based generator would allow mothers and babies to access resources during even the nastiest hurricanes.

Leaders at Sunlight Home knew they needed help. But as a non-government funded 501(c), all financial support would have to come from their local community.

And it was for just such a purpose that Autumn Cares was established.

The team at Autumn Consulting, a best rated search marketing firm in Naples, believes that values are more than just mottos — they should be built and reflected in every part of your lifestyle. Our Autumn Cares initiative looks for ways to give outrageously to others in our community. As the Autumn team was working on launching the new Sunlight Home website, they caught wind of the Sunlight Home’s needs post-hurricane, and we were more than ready to lend a hand.


Autumn Consulting decided to make a $1,000 donation to support The Sunlight Home with a new generator. The ultimate goal was to take stress away from program administrators and streamline the recovery process, making life a little less stressful for Naples’ most vulnerable citizens.

The fresh, new Sunlight Home website launched in November 2022, and in the first 30 days of being live, there were already 8 pregnant women in need who filled out their online Client Contact form. In the past, this form was only available as paper-based and required the information to be filled out at the Sunlight Home facility by a team member. This site redesign has taken their digital marketing to the next level, and we look forward to continuing to work with this incredible organization each month on their organic SEO in Naples to improve their organic search rankings.

Autumn Consulting strongly believes that WOW moments are for everyone — and not just our clients. Donating time, talent, and treasure allows us to strengthen our community bonds, and build a better world for our children, families, and loved ones.

Do you know a local nonprofit that could use a WOW moment? Connect with us online to connect with a member of the Autumn Consulting team.

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