Autumn Consulting Launches New Website For Care Net of Puget Sound

Autumn Consulting is proud to be a best rated search marketing firm in Southwestern Florida — and how we got here was certainly not by accident. Our ability to serve customers with a suite of marketing, design, and website development tools allows us to provide unique, tangible WOW moments along every step of the journey. This was the case for Care Net of Puget Sound, a non-profit women’s health clinic focused on reproductive wellness. They reached out to Autumn Consulting to develop a new donor site, and they were more than pleased with their result.

The Background

Care Net of Puget Sound had a single central website that showcased both client and donor information. The board felt differentiation would enhance the donor experience and expand their mission within the Washington state area. Amelia Graham, the Communications Director for Care Net of Puget Sound, met with the Founder of Autumn Consulting to discuss their options. After a successful few meetings and additional negotiations, the site kickoff began in September 2022. The goal was to capture the vision of the board and highlight the needs of the audience, especially regarding design, functionality, and of course, SEO.

The Process

Developing any new website can be an arduous task. However, Autumn Consulting helped the Care Net of Puget Sound seamlessly navigate every stage. We walked the board through a four-step process:

  1. Business strategy — Most agencies would have rushed to the creative and concept stage of website development. Instead, Autumn listened, planned, and took time to understand the importance of the Care Net website, including how it should perform post-launch.
  2. Strategic design — Autumn leaned on its full creative and programming team to create powerful, new, and impactful visuals. We strived to incorporate not just what our clients like, but add elements that attract and engage all prospects and customers.
  3. Timeline development — Autumn’s team of Account Executives set weekly timelines, regular meetings, and monthly check-ins with Care Net of Puget Sound. This was to ensure a worry-free experience through our characteristic collaborative communication.
  4. Project execution — Autumn executed web design, programming, and strategy for Care Net of Puget Sound via pertinent monthly content, keyword management, and ongoing digital tactics. Our team used deep SEO expertise to create a performance outcome.

The Outcome

The new donor website for Care of Puget Sound launched in the first weeks of January 2023. The organization’s team and board members shared their excitement for the fresh, new design and SEO-friendly layout, which serve their mission needs as they begin the year in earnest. As a Google search marketing firm with decades of experience, Autumn Consulting continues to work on improving their SEO. We look forward to seeing Care Net of Puget Sound expand their reach within Washington State — reaching more donors than they ever thought possible.

If your business is looking for an innovative, functional, distinctive, and mobile-first website, Autumn Consulting would be honored to help. We have decades of experience offering WOW moments to clients through purposeful design, SEO, and content creation. Contact our best rated Google search marketing firm today, and one of our experts will be in touch shortly.


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